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NFL to add full games to YouTube; Which Dolphins games should they add?

The NFL is expanding their YouTube partnership, and will soon be adding three "classic" games for all 32 NFL teams. What three games should represent the Miami Dolphins?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is adding to their "strategic partnership" with YouTube this year, which should be bringing fans more content each week of the season, as well as better content from the past. In fact, the NFL has announced that, along with live in-game highlight uploads, the league will be adding three games for each team in the league, promising to bring "some of the most exciting games in NFL history" to YouTube.

This will be great news for fans, who will be able to immediately see the top plays for each game each week of the season, and they will be able to re-live some of the top moments in history. The NFL will also have the videos accessible via Google, including having them highlighted in Google searches, and will have the kickoff and broadcast information for games available in Google searches as well.

The Verge points out that, "The NFL has been slow to embrace the web as a place to distribute its content, only launching an official YouTube channel in January last year. The channel carries post-game recaps, clips, analysis, and a lot of "best of videos," and has attracted more than 900 million views to date. Adding in full games and making official NFL YouTube content prominent in Google searches will pull in even more viewers."

Which brings up a question. What three games should be loaded for the Miami Dolphins? The most likely candidates are the Clock Play Game against the New York Jets in 1994 and the Dolphins' Monday Night Football beatdown of the Chicago Bears in 1985. Two more classic games come to mind, but since they are Dolphins losses, they should belong to the San Diego Chargers (Epic in Miami in 1982) and the Jets (Monday Night Miracle in 2000). The 2000 miserable 62-7 playoffs loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars could show up for that team up in North Florida as well.

Should Super Bowl VII, the Dolphins' completion of the Perfect Season, make the list? What about the passing duel between Dan Marino and Drew Bledsoe in 1994 as Marino returned from his Achilles tear? The Longest Game - a Dolphins versus Kansas City Chiefs overtime playoff game that simply would not end? Miami's lone AFC Championship win in the Marino era, with the team coming back from a 14-10 deficit to win 45-28 with Marino throwing for over 400 yards with four touchdowns? How about a sentimental one in the Dolphins' win over the Oakland Raiders in the first game after September 11, 2001, as Jay Fiedler overcame interceptions to win the game with a two-yard touchdown run? What about the option of the Dolphins lone 2007 win, coming over the Baltimore Ravens with a 64-yard touchdown catch and run from Greg Camarillo? One of the many, many, many other options we have not listed here?

There are a lot of options for the three games to be uploaded by the NFL on YouTube. Which three are your choice?