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Football 101 story idea request

Want us to write a Football 101 story this year? What topic would you like to see covered?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The past few offseasons, we have written stories in what we call the "Football 101" series. These are articles that break down different aspects of the game, covering topics that we hear during broadcasts or analysis of games, or just in offseason coverage of the Miami Dolphins and the NFL, but maybe never actually fully understand them. We try to bring you those topics in a straight-forward way, and a way that maybe can help all of us better understand the game.

For example, last year, we covered why the June-1 designation does not help in free agent spending and what are "futures" contracts. We have also covered different things over in the past such as coverage shells, linebacker rolesdefensive line gaps, and the West Coast offense.

Which brings us to today. We have enjoyed putting together these posts, and often, we learn more about the topic as we present it to you, so it is a good thing for us as well. But, we need to know what you would like to see written. What Football 101 posts would you like to see this offseason? Give us ideas in the comments below and we will start putting something together.