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Dolphins to hold pre-Draft meeting with Ezekiel Elliott

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The Miami Dolphins will host running back Ezekiel Elliott in a pre-Draft prospect visit.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The first pick for the Miami Dolphins in the 2016 NFL Draft, the 13th overall selection, seems to be destined to be used on a cornerback. At least, that is what most of the mock drafts floating around the web are projecting less than three-weeks before the selection process begins. That, however, is not the position most Dolphins fans seem to want to see picked with that first-round choice. Fans everywhere are hoping running back Ezekiel Elliott is still on the board when the clock starts ticking on the Dolphins, giving Miami a chance to add the Ohio State rusher to their backfield.

On Friday, Elliott told NFL Network that he has a pre-Draft visit scheduled with the Dolphins. The visit does not necessarily mean the Dolphins would select Elliott if he were still on the board when they are making their pick, but it does mean they are at least getting a closer look at him.

Elliott is an in-demand prospect this offseason, and has met with or scheduled meetings multiple teams already this year, including the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Chicago Bears.

"I'm lucky to be in this situation, and I'll be happy with whoever drafts me," Elliott said during the interview.

Elliott ran for 3,961 yards in three seasons with the Ohio State Buckeyes, carrying the ball 592 times for a 6.7 yards per carry average, along with 43 touchdowns. In 2015, he carried the ball 289 times for 1,821 yards with 23 touchdowns. He also caught 27 passes for 206 yards.

The Dolphins are looking to bolster a running back corps that lost their 2015 starter when Lamar Miller signed with the Houston Texans this offseason. Currently, second-year runner Jay Ajayi, who carried the ball 49 times for 187 yards with a touchdown as a rookie, is slated to be the starter for the team. Miami spent a lot of time in free agency looking at veteran running backs, but did not sign any. They had hoped to bring in restricted free agent C.J. Anderson, but the Denver Broncos matched the Dolphins' offer sheet.