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Just a quick reminder of the site's rules!

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Just a quick reminder of the site's rules!

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It's about that time of year again...draft time. This means that we have a lot of traffic, discussing the upcoming draft and of course a big influx of new site members. Most of our long time members know the sites rules. while many of the newer folks do not. The rise in traffic coupled with all the new members tends to lead to a little more agitation and the number of personal attacks, for whatever reason seem to rise.

With that in mind, we want to remind everyone that some things need to be avoided. Personal attacks and threats towards another site member will not be tolerated. We likewise have a strict policy against religious and political talk on the site. These things, as anyone that has spent any time on the internet knows, only lead to the conversation spinning out of control. The other items, that will earn you an immediate ban from the site, are any racist terms, speech or hate speech.  The context does not matter. Leave it off the site as it does not belong here.

If you see something that is questionable or you believe someone has "crossed the line" with a comment towards you or another site member please "flag" the comment and let the site mod's handle the situation. We have a staff of moderators that work hard to ensure that The Phinsider is a place where everyone feels comfortable to share their thoughts.

In general, we have a fairly open policy on the conversation's here so long as you keep within the sites rules. While we all get agitated from time to time with one another there is no reason to be rude or overly aggressive towards your fellow Dolfan.

I would also like to remind our long time site members to make the new site members feel welcome. Many a "new site member" has come along in my time here and become one of our best contributors and site regulars.

If you are not aware of the site rules please brush up on them HERE.

On a side note, if anyone has any ideas for updating the rules page (I have not done an update in a long while) or really any other  idea's for  the site at any time feel free to email me or Kevin. Both of our emails can be found in the masthead section at the side or bottom of the front page.