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Ryan Tannehill using Broncos, Bears tape to prepare wide receivers for Adam Gase offense

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Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is using the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears film of head coach Adam Gase's offenses to prepare for the 2016 season.

The Miami Dolphins are just a few days away from the official start of their offseason workout program starting, with players returning to the team facilities (on a voluntary basis) Monday for strength and conditioning work. The program will eventually move into on-field individual drills and, finally, organized team activities and minicamps. That does not mean, however, that the Dolphins players have not already been at work getting ready for the 2016 season.

"During my recent conversations with Tannehill," former Dolphins beat writer and current NFL Media reporter Jeff Darlington said Thursday morning on NFL Network, "he made it clear he is spending this offseason not just getting on the same page as his receivers, but also trying to do as much preliminary homework on [new head coach Adam] Gase's system. For the past six weeks, Tannehill has met with his receivers twice a week, throwing with them here in South Florida. He's also gone back and looked at a lot of Gase's offensive tape from both Denver and a little bit from Chicago last year. What he is doing there is looking at the concepts and the routes that [Gase] has been running in those two places...and then he has gone out with his receivers and tried to implement those routes.

"To this point, Tannehill really isn't allowed, because of NFL rules, to meet with Gase or the coaching staff," Darlington continued, "but he can go back and look at that film, get a firm understanding of those routes and those concepts that I was talking about and then try to implement them on the practice field."

You can see the whole segment from Darlington on NFL Network with the embedded Tweet below.