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2016 NFL Draft Prospect: Darron Lee

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The Miami Dolphins need to get more athletic at linebacker. Could Darron Lee be an option? Check out his full scouting report here

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This week we check out Darron Lee, a two-year starter for Ohio State. Lee was actually a quarterback in high school, but the Buckeyes coaches saw something special for him at linebacker. After Ryan Shazier departed for the NFL in 2014 2014, Lee took over the starting strongside linebacker position from Ryan Shazier in Ohio's 4-3 defensive alignment, where he has experience covering against the pass, blitzing and roaming around the football field in space.


Darron Lee is everything Miami need at linebacker right now. Not only does he have good speed and athleticism to play in space, but he also has the long arms teams and violent hands that teams look for in a pass rusher. Playing quarterback has clearly benefitted him in college, as he has the instincts to be effective in coverage. Lee is also an explosive tackler, hitting the opponent low with his shoulder. Also very durable (he hasn't missed a game in the past two seasons), Lee looks the part and plays the part with the swagger NFL teams covet.


Lee looks like he has already maxed-out his lean frame, with little room to add bulk. This may limit his ability to rush the passer in the NFL against strong NFL offensive lineman. Lee also needs to add more pass rushing moves to his repertoire, relying too heavily on his athleticism. Only two full seasons at the linebacker position means he is clearly still learning his trade.

Miami Dolphin Material?

Darron Lee is a true Swiss Army knife player who can cover, blitz and defend the run, evidenced by his 66 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks in 2015. Lee also looks a little bit too lean for the NFL, and will need to add some strength to enable him to become a consistent pass rushing threat. However, Lee is a high character player that teams will fall in love with, playing as a natural football player with confidence in the Kwon Alexander and Ryan Shazier mold.

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