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Dolphins would welcome back Dion Jordan

Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan has been suspended for the last year, but the Dolphins would welcome him back according to a report.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Dion Jordan saga for the Miami Dolphins has been a frustrating one, between injuries slowing down his rookie season and drug suspensions following thereafter. Jordan is at the end of his year-long suspension for his most recent drug issue, a positive test triggered by a diluted sample, but no word has yet come about any reinstatement from the NFL, or if Jordan has even applied for reinstatement.

That uncertainty leaves Miami with a player on the suspended list, and no idea when they will get him back, and, honestly, if they will ever get him back.

That does not mean the team would not welcome him back if he is ready to put the past - and the drugs - behind him. According to a report Saturday from the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, the Dolphins are "open" to a Jordan return.

As the team prepared to start the final day of the NFL Draft, a source told Salguero, "If he wants to play and shows us he loves football, why not?"

The Dolphins could use Jordan if he is ready to finally start playing football. The best fit is likely to make him a linebacker, using his athleticism to cover tight ends all over the field, but they could also look to him to be a reserve defensive end behind Cameron Wake and Mario Williams. Whatever the case, he has to show that he can stay clean and that he is ready to prove he loves football and wants to be in Miami. Otherwise, the team will quickly move on from a player that is currently the biggest bust in team history.