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Dolphins Undrafted Free Agent tracker and live updates 2016

The NFL Draft has come to a close, which means the mad dash to sign undrafted free agents has begun.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is complete, with all seven rounds in the books. That means the undrafted free agent signing frenzy is officially underway. Players not drafted are free to sign with any team, and the phone calls will have already started. Teams will begin contacting players as early as the seventh round to express interest if the player is not drafted. The signings will come over the next few days, but players and teams will begin agreeing to terms tonight.

One key thing to remember is, until a team officially announces a signing, things can change. Players have been on planes in route to a city to sign with a team, when another team has swooped in with a better offer and a better situation, so the player decides to not sign and go to another team. It will happen this year, and it will confuse everyone , but it is the nature of the undrafted free agency period.

We will update this thread as fast as we can during the frenzy, and keep you up to date on any and all Miami Dolphins signings - and any players that switch to another team if it happens.

Current List Of Miami Dolphins 2016 UDFA's-

  • Akil Blount, LB, FAMU
  • James Burgess, LB, Louisville
  • Ruben Carter, OL, Florida State
  • Ryan Di Salvo, LS, San Jose State
  • Tyler Gray, LB, Boise State
  • Gabe Hughes, TE, Florida Tech
  • Farrington Huguenin, DL, Kentucky
  • Marshall Koehn, K, Iowa
  • Lafayette Pitts, CB, Pitt
  • Rashawn Scott, WR, UM
  • Brandon Shippen, DB, Temple

Below, we also have a Twitter scroll that may help keep up with the signings - just realize it is a national list, so it will include other teams as well.