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Xavien Howard holds conference call with Dolphins media

MIami Dolphins second-round draft pick Xavien Howard, cornerback, Baylor, spoke to the South Florida media via a conference call Friday night. The transcript was provided by the Miami Dolphins.

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

(On whether he had spoken to the Miami Dolphins before the draft) -€” "Yes, sir. I had talked to the Miami Dolphins (before) the draft."

(On what his conversations were like with the Dolphins) -€” "The conversations (were about) telling me about cornerback and stuff like that, what they're expecting from that cornerback that's coming in."

(On what the Dolphins expect from their cornerbacks) -€” "They're expecting me to come in and make plays and learn the defense."

(On his style of play and his strengths) -€” "I regard myself on making plays. My strength is my ball skill and being a physical corner."

(On which NFL cornerbacks he models his game after) -€” "I looked at Patrick Peterson and Darrelle Revis."

(On whether he likes to press on defense) -€” "I love to press. Yes, sir."

(On what the draft experience has been like) -€” "It has been ... It was just an up and down doing a lot of stuff and stuff like that. But, I'll be thankful for it, going through the process. Everybody goes through it. I enjoyed it."

(On if he is optimistic he can contribute to the team right away) -€” "Yes, sir."

(On why he can contribute to the team right away) -€” "(I can contribute right away) with my ball skills and being physical. I'm working on my technique and stuff like that. I'm sure the coach is going to get me better in my technique and stuff like that. I got faith in myself that I can do the job." 

(On the tough receivers he has faced in college) -€” "I had one (game) against (Chicago Bears WR) Kevin White my redshirt sophomore year. He was a tough defender. He went with the No. 7 pick, but he was a good guy. (inaudible) I think he's the best receiver I played against. (Washington Redskins WR) Josh Doctson, I think he was okay, to me. He didn't really do much to me. I had got (inaudible) during that game. That's all I can tell you about the top receivers that I played."

(On if he has the mindset that he would come in and be a starter)-€” "Yes, sir. I have that in my mindset. Yes sir."

(On if he has played special teams) -€” "Yes, sir. I played kickoff return, punt return and punts."

(On if he knows of any players on the Dolphins roster) -€” "Yes sir, I know a couple players on the Dolphins roster. I know (CB Byron) Maxwell from Philly. I know (CB Tyler) Patmon from Dallas. I know the receivers Jarvis Landry (and) Kenny Stills."

(On who his agent is) -€” "Todd France."

(On comparing his game to that of Byron Maxwell and if he sees similarities between the two of them) -€” "Being physical and being pressing a lot, I could see that."

(On how he knows CB Byron Maxwell) -€” "Just seeing him playing at Seattle when he was playing corner next to Richard Sherman. He was making plays. And when he got to Philly, he was being tested a little bit, but he was making plays too. Then on the video, I had seen the guy and things like that. That's how I seen him. That's how I know him."

(On if there are any players on the Dolphins roster he knows personally) -€” "No, sir."