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Miami Dolphins draft pick Laremy Tunsil: Turning points for player and team

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor's note: I would like to welcome Ryan Winters to the team of authors we have here on The Phinsider. Ryan is coming to us after a stint with PhinManiacs. He will be a great addition to the site, and we are very pleased to have him here. Welcome Ryan! -Kevin)

Life turns on a dime. We all know it, but very few of us are prepared for it when it happens. In my personal life I had something happen that changed almost every facet of my life and then something else happened that did it again. One was really bad and the other was really good, but they came together to create a turning point in my life. The Miami Dolphins may have just reached the next turning point in the life of their franchise.

The Dolphins just changed the narrative about what they can be with one bold move. Drafting Larmey Tunsil is the single best draft moment I can remember as a fan and not just because of the tremendous value he brings to the team, with what essentially is a 4 year 12.7 million dollar contract with a 5th year team option. That cheap labor is just the beginning. Can anyone remember the last time the Dolphins found themselves on the winning side of luck?

The old saying that, luck is the moment when preparation meets opportunity, describes last night perfectly for Miami. Sometimes just a little bit of luck can change everything and in the best case scenario lasts night pick just might have marked a huge change in the future trajectory for one other player.

Ryan Tannehill is expecting his first child soon, which will probably be the only thing other than last night he is happier about for the entirety of 2016. That is how important this pick is for the beleaguered Quarterback entering his 5th season and at least 4th where, "he must break out" despite having already done so on really poorly coached teams. This time the breakout pressure is real, even from me, it is time for him to go from a good and sometimes very good quarterback to great.

There is greatness on that offense now or at least the potential for it. Not just improvement, not just top ten in the league, but this offense has the pieces to be one of the top 5 offenses in the league. The only hesitation is the division they play in, which offers some of the best defenses on offer in the NFL

The average NFL QB gets sacked around 35-38 times a season. Until this point in his career Tannehill gets sacked about 50 times per season, not including hits and hurries and pressures. Almost all of those problems were assignable to the interior guard positions constant failure.

So even if the Dolphins just upgraded to average along the offensive line the difference for Tannehill will be akin to an alternate universe. A universe where suddenly he is afforded almost 2 full orders of magnitude more time in which to make decisions and execute plays.

Seems like nothing, but it's the difference in holding a high safety long enough to open a post play for a long gainer down field instead of throwing the ball into a contested is forever for a NFL QB.

Larmey Tunsil is a big man and his plight and unfair fall to 13 seems to interact so well with the change all of the fans have been waiting to see. This makes him a big symbol too; it signifies that the Dolphins are in the business of winning football games now and in the future.