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NFL Draft Grades first round: Dolphins score highest grade from Dan Kadar

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The Miami Dolphins did well with their pick of offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil according to Dan Kadar's draft grades.

The Miami Dolphins got a surprise gift on Thursday night when Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil fell down the draft board to the 13th overall pick. Graded by some as the best player in this year's NFL Draft, Tunsil had to sit longer than expected after a video of him appearing to smoke marijuana appeared on his Twitter account. Apparently originating from a hack of his account, the video, which seems to be at least two years old, surfaced just 10 minutes before the start of the Draft, and it cost Tunsil, but gave Miami an immediate upgrade to their offensive line.

How are people looking at Miami's selection of Tunsil? Most seem to be grading it fairly highly. SB Nation's Dan Kadar posted his immediate "snap reactions" to the first round last night, and of his Draft Grades for the first round, he only gave out three pure "A" grades, with Miami landing one of those (Jacksonville and Minnesota received the others). Explaining why he gave Miami an A, Kadar wrote:

Imagine, a month ago Tunsil was in position to being the first player taken in the draft. Then he should have been picked third by the Chargers. Then he should have been picked sixth by the Ravens. But off-field questions, as well as some injury issues, doomed Tunsil. The benefactors are the Dolphins, who get one of the five best players in the draft. If he can stay clean and healthy, this is one of the steals of the draft.

There are obvious red flags for Tunsil, but the Dolphins appear to be comfortable with those issues. They now should be able to immediately fill four of the five offensive line positions, with Ja'Wuan James, Branden Albert, and Tunsil in both tackle spots and one guard position, while Mike Pouncey takes the center spot. The only issue is to decide which combination of tackles is the best for Miami, and whether Tunsil is ready to immediately move into the left tackle spot, if he needs to play right tackle to start his career, or if Miami should start him at left guard next to the Pro Bowler Albert.