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Dolphins draft grade from PFF looks favorably on pick of Laremy Tunsil

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The immediate draft grade from Pro Football Focus is pretty good for the Miami Dolphins.

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The Miami Dolphins may have picked up one of the top talents in the 2016 NFL Draft when a leaked photo of Laremy Tunsil appearing to smoke marijuana started a tumble for the offensive tackle. That fall ended with the 13th selection, where the Dolphins could not let a player that, prior to the Los Angeles Rams' trade up to the number one overall pick, had been expected to be selected by the Tennessee Titans to open the Draft.

There are obviously red flags with the selection of Tunsil, but there is also a ton of talent. Pro Football Focus thinks the pick was a good one for Miami. In their live draft grading by Steve Palazzolo, they gave Miami an "A" for the selection. Explaining his grade, Palazzolo writes:

The story of the draft, Tunsil finally comes off the board and Miami gets the top offensive tackle in the draft. The last-minute video of Tunsil that took him off some team boards ends up working in Miami's favor, though they do inherent the risk that most teams were wary of even before the last-minute shenanigans.

Tunsil has all of the tools to be one of the best tackles in the league as he's smooth in pass protection (only five pressures surrendered last season) and an explosive run blocker capable of moving defenders at the line of scrimmage or climbing to the second level to find linebackers. Perhaps even more impressive about Tunsil's work last year was the slate of pass rushers he turned away week after week in the SEC and in the bowl game against potential first-round pick Emmanuel Ogbah. When it's all said and done, the Dolphins will either get burned, or they will have found the steal of the draft — and without speculating about off-field issues, we'll lean that they got a steal.

What are your thoughts on the pick of Tunsil?