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Predicting Dolphins fans reactions to first round pick

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The NFL Draft is tonight. Whatever happens when the Miami Dolphins are on the clock, we predict the various reactions we will see from the fans.


We bring bag our annual "predicting the fan reaction" post ahead of this year's NFL Draft. This post lets us have a little fun in a day filled with craziness, rumors, speculation, and, eventually, actual draft picks.

We've reached the 2014 NFL Draft 2015 NFL Draft 2016 NFL Draft, and as Miami Dolphins fans, we really have no idea what the team will do.  They could trade up, they could trade back, they could get an offensive lineman, they could simply pick just about anyone.  It's all speculation and conjecture at this point, because no one outside the team knows what could be the team's plan.

What we do know is, no matter what happens, Dolphins fans will react.  And, there will be plenty of reactions.  We try to predict the reactions to tonight's first round, eight hours before the actual Draft.  Of course, there will be people happy and excited about the pick - but those aren't as much fun.

Dolphins select an offensive lineman:

  2. That's a horrible pick, they should have grabbed _(different OL)__ instead
  3. You don't pick an offensive lineman in the first round!  We need playmakers!
  4. This team is screwed because they always draft needs instead of the best player available.
  5. They should have traded back!  __(Another NFL team)__ would have given the Dolphins __(magically selected other team's picks they were willing to send to Miami)__.

Dolphins select a position other than offensive lineman:

  2. _(Player picked)__ is horrible.  He is __(slow, overweight, injury prone)__.
  3. That wasn't the best player available. They should have picked ____.
  4. You have to fill your needs, not take a luxury pick!
  5. They should have traded back!  __(Another NFL team)__ would have given the Dolphins __(magically selected other team's picks they were willing to send to Miami)__.

If Dolphins trade up:

  1. They overpaid!  They could have traded to __(pick)__ by giving up just a __(magically know what the asking price for other position would have been__.
  2. They moved up to grab him?  They could have waited!
  3. They should have picked ____ instead.
  4. They panicked and felt they had to move up.  Waste of the other picks.

If Dolphins trade back:

  1. They got ripped off.  __(Some other team)__ would have given __(magically know what other team would have offered)__
  2. They'll waste that/those extra pick(s) anyway.
  3. They went too far back.  Now they will miss on _____.
  4. They should have just picked _____.

Universal reactions:

  1. ____ is a bust and it's still Jeff Ireland's fault! (via Brian Naidus in 2014)
  2. ____ is a future Hall of Famer! (via EverybodyLovesDolphins in 2014)
  3. ____ is the steal of the draft! (via EverybodyLovesDolphins in 2014)
  4. Super Bowl, here we come! (via EverybodyLovesDolphins in 2014)
  5. New England better respect us!  (via EverybodyLovesDolphins in 2014)
  6. Fire ______. (via bbickley in 2014)
  7. There goes the entire season. (via bbickley in 2014)
  8. No matter who is the GM in Miami, they all become stupid. (via ct1361 in 2014)

What other reactions should we expect tonight?