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2016 NFL Draft Profile of Myles Jack: Strength, weakness, film breakdown

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It is anyone's guess as to whether or not teams will pass on Myles Jack due to his severe knee injury. The Dolphins are believed to be interested in the versatile linebacker and might have to trade up in order to get him. Here is my breakdown on Myles Jack and why he is the perfect fit to anchor Vance Joseph’s attacking defense.

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Who is Myles Jack?

No pun intended, Myles Jack is a jack of all trades.  In all honesty, you would be hard pressed to find a position Jack is unable to play.   He started his high school football career as a running back, before adding linebacker to his impressive repertoire.  As a high school senior he recorded 98 tackles and 24 sacks, leading his school o an undefeated, 14-0 record. ranked Jack a four-star recruit out of high school. He would commit to UCLA over a handful of other big-name schools.

In 2013 as a true freshman, Jack started twelve games for the Bruins.  He managed to accumulate 51 solo tackles, two interceptions and a touchdown.  After injuries plagued UCLA’s backfield, Myles Jack was asked to play running back.  In all, Jack rushed for 267 yards on 38 carries for seven touchdowns.  The following year, Jack recorded 57 solo tackles, one interception and seven pass defended.  During his junior year, Jack suffered a severe knee injury during practice.  He was later diagnosed with a torn meniscus, and would be forced to miss the entire 2015 season.  Due to the severity of the injury, Jack decided to withdraw from school and focus primarily on the NFL.   Myles Jack would enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Good

Myles Jack is a physical specimen.  Though he lacks ideal size, he is a menace for opposing quarterbacks.  Defensive coordinators will be able to line Jack up at a number of places, including inside and outside linebacker, cornerback and even safety.  In this play, Jack reacts immediately to the option.  He sets the edge, forcing the quarterback to make a quick decision.  After receiving the pitch, Jack turns his attention to the running back, stopping him for a significant loss.

Below is another example of Jack's elite skill-set.  Here, he shows off his quick feet and fluid hips, which allow him to change direction with ease.

In this play, Jack is lined up at cornerback.  Here you can see the type of versatility Jack brings to the table.  He reads the quarterback's eyes and breaks instinctively towards the intended receiver.  He lays a nice hit on the receiver, resulting in a minimal loss.

This is what a harmless bump looks like from Myles Jack.

This next play shows you exactly what Jack's ability to cover wide receivers down the seam.  He reads the quarterback's eyes, resulting in an easy interception.  Over the last several seasons, Miami has struggled at stopping tight ends in the middle of the field. Who wouldn't be intrigued by Myles Jack v.s Rob Gronkowski twice a season?

Again, Jack is in good position to make a play.  Here, the receiver runs a simple drag route.  Myles Jack reads the quarterback's eyes before going for the knockout hit.

In this play, Jack blitzes towards the left side of the offensive line.  His initial burst knocks the lineman off balance.  After disengaging with his blocker, Jack makes the tackle for a short gain.

Jack is a rare combination of strength and speed.  His ability to break on the football is second-to-none.

The Dolphins are in desperate need to find a running back to pair alongside Jay Ajayi.  There's no way Miami is considering using Myles Jack at running back as well as linebacker, is there? After all, Jack does look good with the rock in his hand.


The Bad

The biggest concern with Myles Jack is how well his knee will hold up after suffering a torn mensicus.  Some doctors believe Jack will be fine, with surgery required later in his career.  Others believe, it could be a bit more severe.  NFL network's Albert Breer reported the injury was a chondral defect in his right knee.

Another anonymous source told the Philadelphia daily news that his knee is a "time bomb" and believe the injury could slow him down substantially throughout his career.  Myles Jack and his agent were quick to shoot down any rumors that his knee would be an issue, posting this "intense" workout.

It will be interesting to see how well Jack's knee holds up at the next level.

The Skinny

Miami needs an elite linebacker to anchor the middle of the field and who better to fill that role than Myles Jack.  Jack has the ability to stop the run, and the speed and quickness to succeed in pass coverage.  In recent years, the Dolphins have had trouble stopping opposing tight ends, Myles Jack has the skill-set to play anywhere on the field, mirroring his opponents in coverage.  He is everything the Dolphins need in the middle of their defense and would .  If he’s available at 13, the Dolphins can thank the man upstairs.  If not, Miami could trade up for the play-making linebacker.  As long as he can remain healthy, Jack will be an elite player in the NFL.

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This article was written by Josh Houtz.  Follow him on Twitter!