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Dolphins draft plans flash poll: Would you trade up, stay put, or trade back?

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, meaning we have just four days until we finally will know what the Miami Dolphins will do in the first round. Up until now, we have covered many of the draft prospects that Miami could select, we have taken a look at many, many, many mock drafts (and there are more to come), and we have watched the top two picks of the Draft get traded.

Which brings us to our flash poll for today. In an ideal world, without the specifics of teams involved, what would you do if you were the Miami Dolphins, holding the 13th overall pick?

Would you trade up, looking to get a player like Ezekiel Elliott?

Would you stay put, hoping your target falls to you and not wanting to pay the price to move up or lose a quality player in a trade back?

Would you trade back, adding multiple picks later in the Draft, and hoping another targeted player is available when you finally do pick?

Vote in the poll below and discuss in the comments.