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Turtle's 7-Round Miami Mock Draft 3.0 - Miami's A++ Draft

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Oh, so you were wondering what would be the best draft Miami could possibly have this weekend? Say no more.

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Boys and girls...

We are officially less than ONE WEEK away from the NFL Draft, which is arguably Dolphins fans favorite event of the year. This is the time of the season where we get all antsy and excited in seeing which great names will shape the face of this franchise forever... right before we curse at our televisions when the pick is actually selected.

"A guard in Round 1!?!?! REALLY!?!? I'm DONE with this TEAM!!!" It's run by MORONS!

So first, we gave you Turtle's First Mock Draft. And it was nice and shiny and new, but still got its fair share of concerns and questioning.

So then we came out with the upgraded Turtle TWO-POINT-ZERO edition, and people were impressed... but we could do better.

In fact, this is Turtle's third and FINAL mock draft for the rest of the year. What I want to do... is give you the BEST DAMN DRAFT you've ever laid your eyes on. And that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do.

Turtle Wizard

Mystical Turtle is about to blow your freaking mind, man.

Round 1, Pick 13- The Miami Dolphins select Vernon Hargreaves III, University of Florida

5'10, 204 lbs-

I have fully bought in to the idea that VHIII is the pick for the Miami Dolphins with the 13th selection. I get that he's small. Fun fact: you can be a good cornerback under 6'0. Shocking, I know. VHIII will present the best value at our position while also filling a glaring need. I still agree with the assumption that Hargreaves is the best pure corner in this class (besides Jalen Ramsey, who I believe will play safety) and is not only the safest selection, but has the highest floor of all corners in this class. Best case scenario is we have a legitimate #1 corner outside of Byron Maxwell. Worst case scenario is he ends up being out-matched on the outside but becomes a highly productive nickel back. Even if VHIII does fare better at nickel cornerback than outside, it wouldn't be the end of the world; Miami hasn't had a solid nickel CB in forever and it is always a great luxury in a division with Tom Brady who is the best pure passer at underneath routes in the entire league. I think VHIII is a solid NFL player either way.

If for some reason Miami does miss out on VHIII they should do everything in their power to trade down 5 to 10 spots and grab another promising cornerback such as William Jackson III or Eli Apple. I'm high on both guys, and while both may actually have a higher ceiling than Hargreaves, I think both have a higher chance of being a bust, as well as not being as ready for Week 1 action. Perhaps Miami gets lucky and a top prospect happens to fall with the shifting board? Stanley or Jack would be two names that may be too good to pass up on draft day if they end up at 13, but I wouldn't rely on that happening. Other players such as Elliot, Conklin, or Lee would be sufficient selections based on what the draft board looks like, but I'd still go elsewhere, or try and trade back if at all possible.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • Trade down and select William Jackson III (CB)
  • Trade down and select Eli Apple (CB)
  • Get lucky with a sliding Ronnie Stanley (OT) or Myles Jack (LB)

Round 2, Pick 42- The Miami Dolphins select Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

6'4, 273 lbs-

Whether you are high on Ogbah or not, you can't ignore the fact that he would be excellent value in the second round. While Ogbah may not drop this far, I can all but guarantee an intriguing defensive player will fall into Miami's lap in the second round that we wouldn't have believed was still on the board. I think Miami should explore the edge rush more so than the interior defensive line, especially because Wake and Super Mario don't necessarily look like the team's future at DE at this point in their careers. Ogbah would have two all-pros for mentors and all of a sudden losing Olivier Vernon is an afterthought.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • Select top defensive lineman still on the board- Noah Spence, Robert Nkemdiche, Kevin Dodd
  • Select the top interior offensive lineman- Cody Whitehair, Germain Ifedi
  • Double-up at CB?- Artie Burns, Kendall Fuller, Mackenzie Alexander

Round 3, Pick 73- The Miami Dolphins select Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

6'4, 312 lbs-

Once again, I stick with my previous mock selection and take the monster Stanford guard with our third overall pick. Lock it in, folks. Miami should NOT leave Round 3 without addressing the offensive line. Say it with me now, "Miami should NOT leave..." OK, OK, but you get it, right? By taking Garnett, the Dolphins will try this INSANE strategy to draft an offensive lineman and play him at his natural position.

Grabbing Garnett helps us breathe way easier and all of a sudden Miami has some options and depth for their other guard position; here's hoping between Bushrod, Urbik, Thomas, Turner and Douglas... SOMEONE rises to the challenge to compete for a starting guard position.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • Pick a guard, ANY guard- Christian Westerman, Landon Collins
  • Su'a Cravens, OLB phenom still available?
  • Miss out on Ogbah? Grab another DE instead!- Charles Tapper, Matt Judon

Round 4, Pick 107- The Miami Dolphins select Davontae Booker, RB, Utah

5'11, 219 lbs-

You might have known this... but Miami doesn't NEED to draft Ezekiel Elliot in the first round to have a productive running game. There are three running backs the Dolphins should keep an keen eye on in the middle rounds: Utah's Davontae Booker, Lousiana Tech's Kenneth Dixon and Notre Dame's C.J. Prosise. All three are neck and neck in my eyes. While I like Dixon's shiftiness and Prosise's upside, I give the slight edge to Booker based on his production, experience and pass protection.

I think if Miami doesn't select a RB here they have a few options in Round 4. One is acquiring linebacker Jaylon Smith. While he is as risky of a pick as there is, I wouldn't rule him out as a choice if he is still on the board past Round 3, especially if Miami trades back and selects additional picks. The Dolphins could also go in a variety of other directions here with TE Tyler Higbee, QB Dak Prescott and CB Harlan Miller all being options here.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • Go ahead, take your RB now- C.J. Prosise, Kenneth Dixon
  • Entering Jaylon Smith territory...
  • BPA- TE Higbee, QB Prescott, CB Miller

Round 5, Pick 147- The Miami Dolphins select Scooby Wright III, LB, Arizona

6'0, 239 lbs-

I get that he's small. I get that he's not that fast. I get that he's a very risky pick. That being said, Miami would be a completely different team with a dominant middle linebacker and allow our outside linebackers to excel on the edge and in coverage. Scooby Wright is a guy who has defied odds his entire career and if there is ANY possibility of those Zach Thomas comparisons being true than this is a no-brainer of a pick. There are safer selections out there, but when it comes to Scooby, something tells me that I like his odds. Miami needs to get a stud inside LB in the worst way, why not give Scooby a shot at it?

Alternate "A" selections:

  • Small school ANIMAL- DT Javon Hargrave
  • The best kicker in recent memory- K Roberto Aguayo
  • Still looking for a RB here?- RB Kenyan Drake

Round 6, Pick 186- The Miami Dolphins select Willie Beavers, OT, Western Michigan

6'4, 324 lbs-

Beavers remains my third player that stands pat in my final mock draft. Beavers will immediately fit in as tackle depth, but I think he also has the skills and athleticism to be a capable starter one day. He's a great player with an even better name, what's not to like? I REALLY like me some Beavers. Okayyyy then, moving on....

Alternate "A" selections:

  • QB Trevone Boykin
  • CB James Bradberry
  • RB Deandre Washington

Round 7, Pick 227- The Miami Dolphins select Cody Core, WR, Ole Miss

6'3, 205 lbs-

Cody Core was overshadowed by fellow WR Laquon Treadwell for good reason, but Core is actually bigger than Treadwell and just as fast, if not faster. He has alot of similar qualities to our fallen soldier, Rishard Mathews, who was also selected in the 7th round. I think Core can immediately contribute on special teams and looking at the depth chart, he doesn't have much competition to become this team's #4 WR right off the bat.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • RB Keenan Reynolds

Round 7, Pick 231- The Miami Dolphins select Deon Bush, S, The U

6'0, 199 lbs-

I had Bush previously mocked in the 4th round, but I think he may be selected later due to his inconsistent 2015 campaign. Bush still is a hard hitting safety that has plenty of upside and with the right coaching could exhibit the skills to be a perfect compliment to Reshad Jones. Let's keep him in South Florida and give him a chance to prove the other 31 teams wrong for passing on him.

Alternate "A" selections:

  • CB Cre'von LeBlanc

And we're done! Did I nail it or did I nail it?

Side Note: For all those 'pundits' who can see the future and are just going to complain on where players are going to be selected... please refer to the AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER in the comments below.

Who's excited for Thursday!?

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