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Should the Dolphins trade up for Ezekiel Elliott?

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According to Mel Kiper, the Miami Dolphins have had discussions about trading up in the NFL Draft, most likely to get running back Ezekiel Elliott. Should they make the move?

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sixThe Miami Dolphins have made no secret of their desire to add a running back to the roster, ideally someone who they can pair with Jay Ajayi and immediately insert into the starting lineup. The 2016 NFL Draft has one running back considered a high enough prospect that he will be selected, not just in the first round, but likely in the first ten selections. The Dolphins are said to be interested in drafting Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott, but after trading back from the eighth position to the 13th spot, they may not be in place to make that pick.

Unless they trade up.

This week, ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr., discussed the idea that Miami could make a move back into the top ten during a media conference call. "There has been talk they can move up to get Ezekiel Elliott, moving up from 13 and getting in to that maybe top six, top-seven," Kiper stated, as reported by the Palm Beach Post's Andrew Abramson.

Utilizing the oft-referenced NFL Draft trade value chart created by Jimmy Johnson, a move for the Dolphins from 13 to six or seven would cost between 350- and 450-points. Miami's second round pick, the 42nd overall selection, is values at 480 points, while their third-round pick 73rd overall, is 225 points. Essentially, if Miami were looking to jump to the Baltimore Ravens' sixth position, they would likely have to trade their second-round pick, while a move to the San Francisco 49ers' seventh pick could cost Miami's their third-round pick and something later to add up to the 350 points needed.

Of course, the value chart is just a guide, with the potential of adding players, 2017 draft picks, or multiple picks from both teams making up for differences in value.

If you are Miami, with the needs at cornerback and guard still looking for an answer as well, would you be willing to make the move back up to get Elliott? Is a running back worth that much in the Draft in 2016?