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2016 Miami Dolphins NFL Draft hat revealed and now on sale

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The time period leading up to the NFL Draft can become rather boring, with mock draft after mock draft being released. Eventually, you get tired of it and want something different. Thus, we will look at something different today - the official 2016 NFL Draft hat.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Hats are an important thing and there used to be a time when it was only wildly popular with baseball teams. However, sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA and other major brands have taken the hat game to the next level. Thus, it's impossible to go anywhere without seeing anyone wearing a hat - whether it's supporting a specific team, brand or anything else.

With the NFL Draft, hats have become more and more popular over the past several years. The NFL makes a big deal of it and presents one to every player drafted that walks on stage. When players arrive at their team facility, they are greeted with a draft hat waiting for them.

Over the years, there have been some great ones, some that have been absolute duds and some that have been right there in the middle. This has even carried onto the field for the official season hats. The 2016 season draft hat has some unique qualities to it, with the emphasis on the artwork under the visor.

For this year's draft, New Era Cap created innovative LIQUIDCHROME logos, which are individually molded appliqués with a chrome finish and 3-dimensional texture.While some hats have the thread locked in, this hat uses a heat transfer system that results in a threadless logo. The under visors feature a custom designed, screen-printed camo motif complete with the team logo on an eye-catching iridescent material.

Hats are now on sale and can be purchased at the NFL Shop online, and

What do you think? Are you a fan of this year's hat and will you be buying one?

Miami Dolphins New Era 2016 NFL Draft On Stage 59FIFTY Cap HatsMiami Dolphins New Era 2016 NFL Draft On Stage 59FIFTY Cap Hats