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Sign up for The Phinsider community mock draft now!

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It's time to start our annual community mock draft!

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The 2016 community mock draft for The Phinsider is officially here!

All you have to do to sign up is leave a comment below letting us know you are interested. We will then collect all of the interested names and randomly assign teams for the first round of the Draft. This year, we will only have 31 teams to fill, as the New England Patriots do not have a first round pick.

We will give you until Sunday night at midnight to sign up in the comments. On Monday, we will announce the assigned teams and put the Tennessee Titans on the clock. I will use the internal message system on The Phinsider to let each person know when their clock has started. They will have 24 hours from then to email me (thephinsider at gmail dot com) their pick, as well as a brief write-up about why you made that pick.

I will also run a Google document that will keep the picks posted, so the people taking part can see who has already been picked.

If 24 hours pass without a pick being submitted, I will move to an alternate to make the pick. Please only sign up if you plan on making your pick.

The goal is to start posting two picks each day on Thursday, April 7.

So, go ahead and start signing up.