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Dolphins uniform rumors for Color Rush 2016 suggest team in all orange

Could the Miami Dolphins be headed back toward an orange alternate jersey this year?

As we have discussed before, the NFL is looking to bring the "Color Rush" alternate uniforms to all 32 teams this year after a limited trial run in 2015. It all stemmed from a comment from Detroit Lions president Rod Wood, who said, "All teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a color rush uniform." That means, when the Miami Dolphins face the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4, both teams should be in some form of color rush.

Given that the color rush uniforms are typically an alternate color for the team, what color could the Dolphins wear? With the primary jerseys being aqua and white, the team would seem to be set up for either an all orange look or an all sea-blue look. According to a Twitter account called @NFL_Leaks, we could have the answer for what Miami will wear - as well as what the Bengals, who also could be in an all orange uniform - will wear.

Miami, if this leak is correct - and to be clear, none of this is confirmed - the Dolphins will once again wear the orange look, while the Bengals will go to a black and white look. (Does that make them white tigers, because that is kind of a cool thought?)

As it says at the top of the chart in the tweet (and again, assuming this is accurate), the colors could still change, but it does give us an idea that Miami might be in all orange in Week4. What would that look like you ask? Well, when we first wrote about the Color Rush topic a few weeks ago, we asked for submissions. Below are some of the ones we received:

Chris Hannel

-Chris Hannel

RJ Dionne

-RJ Dionne


What do you think of the all orange look? Would you be in favor of the Dolphins using it in the Color Rush game?