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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Turtle's 7-Round Miami Mock Draft- 2.0

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Your boy Turtle... Back at it again with a brand new mock draft!

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Last week I gave you Turtle's first mock draft of 2016. There were some cheers. There were some tears. There were some hateful slurs. I love the internet. Anywho, another week passed, and with the blockbuster trade for the #1 pick, things are slowly but surely falling into place. However, there will be a few surprises that are sure to pop up, as they do EVERY year. Same drill here: Fanspeak mock, with no trades and no do-overs.

You know what to do, here's round 2.

Turtle Wizard

Mystical Turtle doesn't care about your bad draft grades.

Round 1, Pick 13- The Miami Dolphins select Vernon Hargreaves III, University of Florida

5'10, 204 lbs-

Last year I was on the record that Devante Parker would fall to pick 14, when many others didn't. He did. This year, I'm putting the same statement on record and substituting cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III to do the same. I'm not as confident about it this time around, but I love the idea of replacing Brent Grimes with a rookie who has modeled his game around him. VHIII is a Miami native and excelled in Gainesville and is the safest cornerback prospect out there NOT named Jalen Ramsey. He's easily the most pro-ready CB that we could select at this spot, so that gives Miami a legitimate starting cornerback opposite of Byron Maxwell for Week 1. I would be thrilled if VHIII makes it to #13, and if he does then he is undoubtedly the best fit for the Dolphins.

Alternate Draft Pick: Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame (Drafted 18 to IND)

Round 2, Pick 42- The Miami Dolphins select Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss

6'3, 294 lbs-

I really wasn't planning on making a second round defensive tackle pick two years in a row, but I am an advocate of the BPA approach in the draft and Nkemdiche's talent was too difficult to ignore. He entered Ole Miss as the number one prospect in the nation and has all the physical attributes to be an impact player at the next level. His production wasn't off the charts at Ole Miss and he had a few behavioral issues that have dropped him some on some draft boards, however all 32 GM's would agree that he has first round talent. Nkemdiche strikes me as a player that will excel in the right scenario and with talented players around him. He presented better value than a DE at the time of the draft and I think with the right coaching and placing him next to all-pro Ndamukong Suh would make the Dolphins defensive line impossible to block against, and also impossible to spell.

Alternate Draft Pick: Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia (Drafted 42 to NYJ)

Round 3, Pick 73- The Miami Dolphins select Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

6'4, 312 lbs-

Oh a guard from Stanford, what could go wrong!? Welp, I'm not going to mention "he who should not be named", but Garnett is a true guard and has the intelligence and tough physical style of play that would make Richie Incognito proud. He's got the size and strength that would transfer fine to the next level and his lack of speed could be masked by keeping him inside at guard. He's a day one starter, which would make Ryan Tannehill breathe a little bit easier. With Garnett as a starting guard, Miami has some options (and depth) to fill their other guard position. Either way, you won't see me leave the first three rounds in any mock draft without addressing the offensive line, so if we were to draft a solid starting guard in Round 3, that would make me one happy reptile.

Alternate Draft Pick: Landon Turner G, UNC (drafted 86 to MIN)

Round 4, Pick 107- The Miami Dolphins select Deon Bush, S, The U

6'0, 199 lbs-

This was an interesting pick that could pay huge dividends. I'm not infatuated with any safety in this class besides Jalen Ramsey, but I have to admit I'm intrigued by pairing a safety like Bush next to Reshad Jones. He's got the size, toughness and is a solid tackler, just like Jones. He had kind of a down year for the Canes in 2015, but I like the possibility of going the route of the Seahawks in getting two tough physical intimidating safeties to own the secondary. I think Vance Joseph & Co. would get the most out of Bush and he's worth a shot in the middle rounds. This is my riskiest pick, but he presented the best value in my mind by how the board looked at the time.

Alternate Draft Pick: Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma (Drafted 118 to NYJ)

Round 5, Pick 147- The Miami Dolphins select Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB, West Virginia

6'2, 243 lbs-

Looking at my draft so far, I'm happy how things have shaped out, however I am worried about not addressing the LB position. I decide to do that now by selecting Nick Kwiatkoski, who stole the show on defense for West Virginia for his entire collegiate career. Many "analysts" see his athleticism and combine to predict that his pro career won't match his college accolades. However, I think the former Mountaneer has what it takes to compete for a starting position at MLB here in Miami next year. He's a former safety and he's got the main traits you want from a 4-3 starting inside linebacker which is the ability to be a solid tackler and a solid knack for the ball. At worst, you're looking at a standout special teams player.

Alternate Draft Pick: Javon Hargrave, DT, SC St. (Drafted 155 to IND)

Round 6, Pick 186- The Miami Dolphins select Willie Beavers, OT, Western Michigan

6'4, 324 lbs-

Beavers is more than just a potentially AWESOME jersey.. he's actually a damn good tackle! He transferred to LT last year and became a force, putting together a terrific season. Beavers does very well in space and moves well for a big guy, which could be a useful trait in our ZBS that could interest the Miami coaching staff. I think his change in competition from Western Michigan to the NFL is his biggest challenge, but either way he's a young player who could provide solid depth at the OL, something we haven't had in just about forever. If all goes well, Beavers could be starting at tackle down the line.

Alternate Draft Pick: None

Round 7, Pick 227- The Miami Dolphins select Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

6'1, 210 lbs-

Drake was a highly capable back who despite being overshadowed by Heisman Trophy Winner, Derrick Henry, was highly productive in the backfield for the Crimson Tide. Even better, Drake got just a fraction of the carries that Henry received, and that just might end up giving him the longer pro career. By selecting Drake in the final round, Miami has made a decision to move forward with Jay Ajayi as their number 1 back, and a decision that I stand by. However Drake provides a solid change of pace back that could see some carries and see the field often on third down. Drake would have a very good possibility of not only making the team, but playing a major role on gameday; I'll take that for a guy selected in the seventh round.

Round 7, Pick 231- The Miami Dolphins select Terrence Smith, OLB, Florida State University

6'3, 235 lbs-

The Dolphins select their third player who played college ball in-state. Terrence Smith has been compared to former FSU LB and current Jaguar Telvin Smith, and if he's even half the player of him, then Miami hit it out of the park with this selection. He's tall, fast, but for some reason hasn't had the success as alot of former FSU linebackers. Smith is a guy who has the talent to be an impact starter, and I think with proper coaching he could end up being a gem. Miami can't have enough options at linebacker, which I thought was their weakest position in 2015. Now Smith would join Jenkins, Misi, Alonzo, Vigil, Hewitt and Kwiatkoski (5th round draft pick) and suddenly Miami has some decisions at the LB position.

That's all folks! What did you think? Who was your favorite pick? Who was your least favorite pick? Sound off below and make sure to vote and grade this draft selection. Until next time!

Turtle 2016 Mock Draft 1.0