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NFL Schedule 2016 to be released tonight; How will west coast swing impact Dolphins' schedule?

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The NFL will release the schedule later tonight.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some football? Well, at least some football schedules? The NFL has announced that the 2016 regular season schedules for all 32 teams will be released tonight. Of course, there are televised options to watch as the schedule is fully broken down, with ESPN on the air for two hours, while NFL Network will go for a three-hour block.

We will, of course, bring you the Miami Dolphins' schedule as soon as it is released. Below, you will find everything you need to know heading into the schedule release.

NFL 2016 Schedule Release

8pm ET, April 14, 2016

Television Coverage

ESPN - 8-9pm ET; ESPN - 9-10pm ET

NFL Network - 8-11pm ET

League scheduling procedures

The league uses a rotational process to determine which divisions will play each other in any given season, then uses finishing position for each team to round out the schedule. They also take into account special requests from teams, as much as possible (such as Miami asking for fewer home games at the start of the season last year to make sure the first phase of renovations were complete). They also look to get every team scheduled for one Thursday Night Football game, and to avoid any potential stadium or parking conflicts as much as possible.

Included in the scheduling are also considerations for teams that will be playing in the International Series this year, as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions playing their traditional Thanksgiving Day games.

The Denver Broncos, as the reigning Super Bowl champions, will open the season at home on Thursday Night Football, if tradition continues.

Miami Dolphins 2016 opponents

The league's rotation for the AFC East this year will match the division against the NFC West and the AFC North. The Dolphins will also play their three AFC East rivals twice, as well as playing one game each against the two teams that finished in fourth place (as Miami did in the AFC East) in the AFC South and AFC West. The break down of opponents is:

Home: Bills, Jets, Patriots, Browns, Steelers, 49ers, Cardinals, Titans

Away: Bills, Jets, Patriots, Bengals, Ravens, Rams, Seahawks, Chargers

The Dolphins will have a west coast swing at some point this season, playing the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, and Seattle Seahawks all in the Pacific time zone. Will the league put two or three of those games back to back (to back), allowing Miami to stay out west, rather than flying back and forth?

Miami Dolphins 2016 Preseason Schedule

The league announced the Preseason Schedule last week. The Dolphins will play:

PS Week 1 (Aug. 11-15) - @ New York Giants

PS Week 2(Aug. 18-22)  - @ Dallas Cowboys

PS Week 3 (Aug. 25)  - vs. Atlanta Falcons (Thursday Night Football, NBC, 8pm ET)

PS Week 4 (Sep. 1-2) -  vs. Tennessee Titans