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Salguero: 'Dumb' for Dolphins players to talk Super Bowl

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The 2016 Miami Dolphins offseason training program started on Monday and some players are talking about the Super Bowl. According to a reporter, that is "dumb."

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are coming off a 6-10 season, a season that disappointed the players, the front office, and the fans. It led to the firing of the coaching staff and some major roster turnover. This offseason is the start of a shift within the Dolphins organization, a shift that will hopefully result in growth, a winning season, and, ultimately, a third Lombardi Trophy for the franchise.

According to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, however, it is "dumb" for the Dolphins players to be talking about the Super Bowl as the offseason training program begins:

I guess, maybe, it would be better if the players came into the offseason program with their heads hanging low and talking about reaching a 7-9 record, or maybe a return to 8-8. Don't focus on the prize that every single team in the NFL is trying to claim - no, since there has not been a winning record since 2008, the players should give up any hope of trying to get to the Super Bowl. New coaching staff, new general manager, new players, but, yeah, don't worry about trying to win the same prize as the other 31 teams. That would just be dumb.

Salguero does explain his decision to call the desire to be the best in a game that rewards the best as dumb, however:

That makes sense. Get a culture of winning. You know, one that would like, ultimately, win the Super Bowl. One where the players want to win, want to make the Playoffs, want to win the Super Bowl.

And, maybe, talk about the Super Bowl.

But, I guess that would be dumb.