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Giants Will Reportedly Sign Sheppard On Monday

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GM Reese Appears To Be In Desperation Mode

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After already overpaying for one former Dolphin, the New York Giants have apparently decided to make it two for two.

Pro Football Talk is reporting this evening that Kelvin Sheppard, who played linebacker for Miami recently -- and we use the term 'played' very loosely -- will sign with the team on Monday.

After failing to become a long term solution with the Bills, Colts, or Dolphins in the AFC, perhaps he thought it was time to try his hand at the other conference. Well, at least in Olivier Vernon, he'll have a fellow overpaid ex-Dolphin as one of his new teammates.

Giants GM Jerry Reese looks to be in much the same position that former Browns GM Ray Farmer was in a season ago: on thin ice and backed into a corner, and having to spend his way out of it to even remotely have a chance of keeping his job.