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Dolphins trade for Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso could be off due to Maxwell injury

The Miami Dolphins may back out of a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles due to a shoulder injury to cornerback Byron Maxwell.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Hold on just a minute. That trade between the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles that was solidified earlier this week could be off as the 4pm start to the new league year approaches. Miami Herald reporter Adam Beasley began hearing rumors last night that said a physical did not go well with one of the players involved, and today it sounds like it has to do with cornerback Byron Maxwell, who sprained his shoulder near the end of the 2015 season.

The Dolphins were expected to receive Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso in the deal. While not officially reported, the trade was also thought to include a swap of first round picks, with the Eagles moving up to 8th overall, and the Dolphins back to 13th, along with Miami adding a late round pick, likely in the fourth round.

Miami's doctors have to make a recommendation to the front office on the prognosis of Maxwell's shoulder. The injury kept him out of two games last year, and now it could keep him and Alonso from heading to Miami. The implications of the trade being called off could impact other moves for the Dolphins. Will the team decide, without Maxwell, to keep Brent Grimes? Where will they address the middle linebacker position without Alonso?

Or will the team decide they can live with the shoulder, and expect it to be ready by the time the season begins?