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Miami Dolphins cut Greg Jennings

The Greg Jennings experiment has come to an end only after one year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that everybody saw coming, Miami released wide receiver Greg Jennings today. This move saves the Dolphins $4 million in cap space and finally gets them out of the negative in the salary cap.

Perhaps it was the 32 year old receivers decline or the emergence of Miami's young wideouts but Jennings was underwhelming in Miami catching only 19 balls for 208 yards and one touchdown. After his release Miami currently has Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker and Kenny Stills at the top of their depth chart and it has yet to be determined if they will look to bring Rishard Mathews back.

Jennings was a predictable cut that Miami needed to make to get them back under control with their salary cap. This team is already slowly but surely showing that they are trying to go in a completely different direction from the team that Joe Philbin fielded the prior season.

Jennings got some spotlight just last month on both CBS and ESPN First Take about his comments on Ryan Tannehill. Jennings responded that Tannehill is "far from elite" but "none of us really know" how good Tannehill is. He went on to say to that he was coddled and the coaches didn't trust him enough with the offense; he said the entire team was frustrated because they refused to let Tannehill have the reigns to the offense.

It appeared at if Jennings comments were more of a dig to the former coaching staff as opposed to Tannehill, but either way it appears these two will not be playing pitch and catch come 2016.