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Miami Dolphins 2000s draft vs. draft tournament - Game 8: (2) 2012 Draft vs. (7) 2002 Draft


The Miami Dolphins 2000s Draft vs. Draft tournament's seventh contest.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We have completed yet another matchup of the first round in our Miami Dolphins 2000s Draft versus Draft tournament. On the orange side of the bracket, we have already seen the tipoff of the top-seeded 2011 Draft against the eighth-seeded 2000 Draft, The third-seeded 2009 Draft Vs. the sixth-seeded 2001 Draft, as well as the fourth-seeded 2005 Draft and the fifth-seeded 2005 Draft. This evening, we will take a look at and vote on the final game from this round, with the second-seeded 2012 Draft facing off against the seventh-seeded 2002 Draft.

Each day over the next couple of weeks, we will present a poll, where you can vote on which of the two drafts you think was better. We will then move the draft receiving the most votes on to the next round of the tournament, eventually crowning a champion draft for the Dolphins from the 2000s.

(2) 2012 Draft

The Dolphins' 2012 Draft could be a number one seed, if not for some disappointing - and one disastrous - picks this year. Ryan Tannehill, who has started every game at quarterback since being selected in the top of Miami's draft, still has some question marks surrounding him, especially after a plateaued 2015 campaign, but he will hopefully bounce back this season. In the second round, Miami appeared to pick up a first-round talent offensive tackle to solidify the offensive line, only to have Jonathan Martin spin the team into a world of investigations, bullying, and more when he left the team during the 2013 season. His departure and allegations against Richie Incognito decimated the team.

Olivier Vernon turned into a top talent defensive end but priced himself out of Miami this year when he signed with the New York Giants on a contract paying him $17 million a season. Michael Egnew never adjusted to the NFL level. Lamar Miller was under-utilized y the Dolphins the past few seasons, and ultimately decided to sign with the Houston Texans this offseason rather than staying in his hometown. Josh Kaddu showed some promise in training camp but was ultimately released by the team during the 2013 season.  B.J. Cunningham did not make it through training camp and has since bounced around the league, playing now in the Canadian Football League.

Kheeston Randall appeared in 12 games for the Dolphins as a rookie but was released in training camp the next year. Rishard Matthews outplayed a seventh-round draft pick's expectation, developing into a solid number two receiver for the team last year and being on pace for a 1,000-yard receiving season before broken ribs ended his season; he signed as a free agent with the Tennessee Titans this offseason.


The Dolphins traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for their third-round pick (73rd overall from Carolina) and a 2013 third-round pick.

The Dolphins traded the third-round pick (73rd overall from Carolina via Chicago) to San Diego Chargers for a third-round pick (78th overall) and a sixth-round pick (183rd overall).

The Dolphins traded the fourth-round pick (103rd overall) and sixth round pick (196th overall from New Orleans) to the San Francisco 49ers for their fourth-round pick (97th overall).

The Dolphins traded the fifth-round pick (145th overall) to the Tennessee Titans for their fifth-round pick (155th overall) and seventh round pick (227th overall).

The Dolphins traded Jonathon Amaya and their sixth-round pick (179th overall) to the New Orleans Saints for Reggie Bush and their sixth-round pick (196th overall).

Rnd Pick
Pos College/Univ
1 8 Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
2 42 Jonathan Martin T Stanford
3 72 Olivier Vernon LB Miami (FL)
3 78 Michael Egnew TE Missouri
4 97 Lamar Miller RB Miami (FL)
5 155 Josh Kaddu LB Oregon
6 183 B.J. Cunningham WR Michigan St.
7 215 Kheeston Randall DT Texas
7 227 Rishard Matthews WR Nevada

(7) 2002 Draft

With no first- or second-round pick, the only thing that keeps the 2002 Draft from being an eight seed is the presence of fourth-round selection Randy McMichael in these picks. To be fair, the traded picks were used well, especially bringing in Ricky Williams, but it does make the draft picks themselves a little less spectacular. McMichael started all 80 games during his five seasons with the Dolphins, catching 283 passes for 3,096 yards with 18 touchdowns as the team's tight end.

Seth McKinney spent four years with the Dolphins, moving into the starting lineup for the second pair of those seasons, playing a total of 61 games for the club, with 34 starts, primarily playing center. Sam Simmons played in 11 games for Miami in 2003, all as a returner, with eight punt returns for 12.5 yards per return average and three kick returns for 21.3 yards per kick average. Omare Lowe appeared in one game, and running back Leonard Henry appeared in six games in 2004, carrying the ball 46 times and 141 yards.


The Dolphins traded their first-round pick (25th overall), their fourth-round pick (125th overall), and a conditional 2003 pick to the New Orleans Saints for Ricky Williams.

The Dolphins traded the second-round pick (59th overall) to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 2001 third-round pick and their 2001 sixth-round pick.

The Dolphins traded their sixth-round pick (199th overall) and a 2003 sixth-round pick to the Chicago Bears for their seventh-round pick (241st overall) and Cade McNown.

The Dolphins traded a conditional seventh-round pick (237th overall) (2000 season) to the Dallas Cowboys for Jeff Ogden.

The Dolphins received pick 170 (fifth round) as a compensatory pick.

Rnd Pick
Pos College/Univ
3 90 Seth McKinney C Texas A&M
4 114 Randy McMichael TE Georgia
5 161 Omare Lowe DB Washington
5 170 Sam Simmons WR Northwestern
7 241 Leonard Henry RB East Carolina