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Mario Williams to have better year than Olivier Vernon? Over/under line seems to think so

Could Miami Dolphins defensive end Mario Williams have a better season than former Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon? seems to think it is possible.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The NFL season is still six months away, but that does not slow down the analysis, projections, and guesswork about how the season will unfold. Will the Houston Texans take the addition of quarterback Brock Osweiler and running back Lamar Miller deep into the Playoffs? Will the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos collapse after losing Osweiler and seeing Peyton Manning retire? Will anyone in the AFC East finally challenge the New England Patriots?

With all of the discussion about a season half-a-year away from starting, it should not comes as a surprise that the NFL is still big business when it comes to sports betting. There are odds for everything, from future win totals to individual player stats. Recently, Bovada updated their individual player stats to include over/under lines for some of the players who changed teams in free agency over the past few weeks.

For example, Miller, who left the Miami Dolphins to sign with the Texans, has an over/under of 900 rushing yards this year.

An interesting pair of over/under lines are two Dolphins-related defensive ends for 2016. New York Giants pass rusher Olivier Vernon, who left the Dolphins and signed a 5-year, $85 million contract this offseason, was given a 7.5 sacks over/under for the 2016 season.

Mario Williams, who signed with the Dolphins, essentially to be the replacement for Vernon, has a 10.5 sacks over/under line.

Six months before the season, it looks like Williams is being given a better chance to record more sacks in 2016 than Vernon. That is a player who was given a two-year, $17 million contract outperforming a player who was given a five-year contract paying him an average of $17 million every season.

Who will have the better year?