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Dolphin Fans Understand What Rams Are Going Through

Jeff Fisher's squad now squarely in media's crosshairs

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to believe now that Miami's 'BullyGate' scandal was two and a half years ago.  The protracted ordeal Dolphin fans endured, the national embarrassment that just wouldn't go away, remains burned into our collective memory.  When the story broke, near the midpoint of the 2013 season, the press, most especially Pro Football Talk, relentlessly savaged the Dolphins, running article after article detailing the situation ad nauseam. One ridiculous sequence saw PFT run 23 separate features about the scandal in a single day -- during the regular season, no less.  At least one advertising campaign made Miami's pro football team the punchline of its commercial.

When the press unearths a juicy story, they will generally wring every drop of drama and publicity out of it until there is nothing left.

Now, the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams team has become the national media's chosen whipping boy. Rumors are swirling all over the Internet, claiming that Jeff Fisher and his front office had an agreement with the league to draft defensive end Michael Sam in the seventh round, in exchange for not having to appear on the HBO television series, 'Hard Knocks'.

After the way Miami was steamrolled by the press in late 2013, Dolphin fans know all too well what the Rams are going through now.