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2016 NFL Draft Prospect: Ronnie Stanley

We continue our 2016 NFL Draft player breakdown with offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. Click here for more.

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Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley may not be as pro-ready as some other prospects from day 1, as he needs to refine his skill-set and get stronger physically, but his terrific size, length and athleticism means he will lock up one of the tackle positions for a long time for a team willing to allow him to learn the position. Stanley has both experience at right tackle (13 starts in 2013) and left tackle (27 starts in 2014 and 2015).

Measurables and Player Comparison


Ronnie Stanley looks the part with his ideal length and size for a NFL tackle. However, one of the best things that stand out for Ronnie Stanley is his athleticism, long arms and quick set-up off the line of scrimmage to mirror those speedy pass rushers that are so in vogue in the NFL today. In the run game, he takes good angles to seal off defenders, along with good hand placement and leg drive.

Stanley also shows good speed to allow him to get to the second level, and exhibits solid awareness that rarely allows him to become fooled by pass rushing moves.


While Stanley has had a vast amount of experience at both tackle positions, he still needs to develop his game. Stanley really needs to anchor better as he can play too upright on some plays, which can allow defensive players to push him backwards.

In pass protection, Stanley could show better hand placement, as he often positions his hands too low. He also tends to fire off the line in pass protection, rather than get set in his stance.

Miami Dolphin Material?

While Stanley may struggle initially to adjust to the NFL, over time he could become one of the better offensive tackles in the game by adding functional strength and refining his skill-set. Some team will also fall in love with his work ethic, grit and determination. As he may not be as pro-ready as some prospects, he could end up sliding to the Miami Dolphins at 13. But the question is, would they take him?

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