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Dolphins DE Andre Branch: 'I'm just ready for a new beginning and getting this thing rolling'

Newly signed Miami Dolphins defensive end Andre Branch spoke to the media on a conference call Friday. He discussed how he will fit in with the team, the notion that he is better against the run than pass rushing, and what made Miami an attractive place to play.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

(On if he had any other offers on the table and what appealed to him about the Dolphins) - "I had about seven other offers. I think the Dolphins were the right place for me. The coaching staff is full of energy. I get to learn from a lot of vets that I never got the chance to do (in my career) with (DE) Mario Williams, (DE) Cam Wake and (DT) Ndamukong Suh. I'm just ready, man. I'm just ready for a new beginning, a new start and getting this thing rolling."

(On what the Dolphins told him his role would be and how he would be used this year) - "A very prominent role. Basically, (I'll) be opposite of Mario Williams and then on rush downs, when Cam Wake gets back, it will be me, Cam (Wake), (Ndamukong) Suh and Mario (Williams). Those guys have been playing at a high level their whole career and I'm ready to learn from those guys."

(On if he will shift inside on passing downs) - "Nah, I'll let (the coaches) handle that. They just told me the four names. I don't know who will be inside and who will be outside."

(On if he agrees reports that he is really strong against the run but needs to work on his pass rush) - "Is that what someone said? I'm strong against the run? That's not what the coaching staff told me and that's not the type of player that I am. I feel my pass rush is a strength of mine but you can never be the best pass rusher if you don't continue to work and that's what I am ready to do. From day one, I'm going to keep on working. I'm going to work my tail off."

(On what the deciding factor was to sign with the Dolphins) - "I just felt like the Dolphins were the most comfortable team. I felt like when it comes to coaching staff, the atmosphere in the building and the way they are taking this team. I know it's the first year for Coach (Adam) Gase but at the same time, I've had coaching changes but his energy, he's the type of coach that you want to play for and you want to give your all for. A lot of people have their own type of motto and their own traditions of how they go about things and I feel like the way the Dolphins are going about things is the right fit for me."

(On if he knows any players on the Dolphins roster) - "I know (T) Branden Albert. I think that's it. But I know a few new guys."

(On how he knows T Branden Albert) - "I mean he played in the ACC. We have a lot of mutual friends. We met a few off-seasons ago. He's just a good dude."

(On what specifically about Coach Gase's enthusiasm makes Miami an attractive place to play) - "He's a young coach, of course, he's going to be full of energy. When you walk in the building and your coach has energy, as much energy as you do, that's exciting. Because you know that's the type of coach that when he wakes up in the morning he's ready to go to work regardless of what day it is. When we talked, it was just very, very positive and very straightforward and the rest of the staff is just like that."