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The Long Con

With the 2015 Season officially in the books, the Miami Dolphins strategy for the past season has finally become crystal clear.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to characterize 2015 as a huge disappointment if you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Taking a look back at the big picture I choose to believe there was actually a good deal of strategic planning that went into what most of us would consider an unmitigated disaster. What I urge you to do is look at the big picture.

We know the Dolphins spent a good deal of the past off season investing in Analytics. Highly trained professionals were brought on staff to assess the roster, talent level and coaching staff. Let's assume, in their infinite knowledge they produced the following plan for the Dolphins 2015 season.

1) The roster as constructed with the leadership in place has 0 chance of competing for a title this year.  The coaching staff led by Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle is inept. We can use this to our advantage.

2) Convince the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets they are good teams and that Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick are viable QB options. Allow them both to pass for a combined 1,500 yards and 10 TDs with 0 Ints in our 4 meetings this year. This will trick them into believing both are worth long term contracts that cost them huge salary cap dollars in the following season.


4) Underachieve to the point that Philbin and Coyle are both fired midseason.

5) Attain a Top 10 draft pick.

6) Make the Patriots believe we are so bad that they don't have to try in the season finale costing them home field advantage and ultimately the super bowl.

7) Hire a competent staff.

I choose to believe this was their plan all along.