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Jarvis Landry appears on Answer the Question

Oh, the fun that is Radio Row at the Super Bowl. You can find current players, former players, and just about anyone else hanging around the area on a daily basis. Interviews are set up quickly and you never know who will appear next on all of the radio shows taking place throughout the room.

Then, there is Dan Rubenstein.

We are not really sure if Rubenstein actually has press credentials, or if he just forged something to hang around his neck using construction paper and crayons, but whatever the case, he did make his way around Radio Row. And, as he did last year, he brought along his mobile hosting stand for the biggest, baddest, most fierce game show on Super Bowl Radio Row - because it is the only game show on Radio Row - Answer the Question.

One of his "contestants" on this year's edition of Answer the Question was none other than Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Watch as Landry demonstrates his knowledge of Coldplay, gets video-bombed by Jerry Rice, and Landry knows how to stop Cam Newton from dancing.