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Welcome a new moderator to the site!

The power of the ban hammer has been given to another member of the site.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, we have added a couple of new writers to the site, and we are working on continuing that trend in an effort to bring you the best Miami Dolphins coverage we can. We also try to keep The Phinsider a great place to discuss all kinds of things, mostly focused on the Dolphins. Every now and then, people may approach the dangerous line of crossing into politics, religion, or personal attacks on other members of the site.

That is when a moderator has to step in and keep an appropriate level of decorum. We want The Phinsider to be a friendly place where people feel like they can talk about the Dolphins, and not have it devolve into name-calling, off topic debates, and some of the other craziness that happens out on the internet.

Plus, our moderators keep a ton of the spam that tries to invade the site away, or clean it up when it does slip through.

For a long time, James McKinney has done the moderator job primarily by himself. There are a few of us, myself included, that can step in and help him out, but he is usually on top of it before any of the rest of us even see it. That said, as we get more popular, with more readers, it is a job that is starting to become bigger than even James can handle.

Which brings us to this morning, where we officially welcome Dolfan88 to the team here at The Phinsider as our newest moderator. Dolfan88 has been a member of the site since 2011 and seems to always be around somewhere. He is level-headed, which is key to being a moderator, and he has been really great at helping James in the past identify where spam is popping up on the site, or where a conversation could be headed down a path that leads to potential warnings or the dreaded ban hammer.

And, really, that should be the goal of a moderator. Use of the ban hammer is a last resort, and Dolfan88 has done a great job of taking care of things before James, or any of the rest of us, have had to bring out the hammer. Now, Dolfan88 will be able to take care of the issue himself, without having to wait for anyone else to get involved.

Please join in me in welcoming Dolfan88 to the team!