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Super Bowl recipes: Wings? Chili? What do you make for Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. What is your go to food for the big day? Share your recipe here.

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Are you having a Super Bowl party this year? Are you trying to figure out what to make, and looking for something better than chips and store-bought salsa? Well, maybe we can help you with some assistance from the rest of our readers.

What is your go to food for Sunday? Are you a wings person? Are you looking for chili? Something else entirely? Share your recipe(s) below so we can all enjoy the greatness that is the second-biggest food consumption day of the year in the US.

Joel Thorman, over at Arrowhead Pride, shares a wings recipe every year, and each year I un-apologetically plagiarize it. So, with that in mind, here is Joel's....I wings recipe to share with you:

Preparing the rub

Put your wings in a bag or some sort of bowl you can cover. Combine these spices together. Put the spices in with the wings and coat the wings. Let them sit for an hour or more. If you are concerned about how hot these will be, you can just slow down on the pepper.

Pepper (two tablespoons)
Onion powder (one tablespoon)
Chili powder (one tablespoon)
Garlic powder (one tablespoon)
Seasoned salt (one tablespoon)

Smoking the wings

You've got your wings that have been sitting in the rub for a while now. If you keep the wings in the fridge, take them out and let them sit for a few minutes in room temperature.

The key to the wings is smoking them. If you have a smoker, you probably know how to handle this. If you don't, you can just put them on indirect heat on your grill and it will have a similar effect. Smoke them for 25-30 minutes on one side, flip them and smoke them for another 25-30 minutes on the other side.

Preparing the sauce

While your wings are cooking, you'll make the sauce. Take these three ingredients and put them together in a sauce pan and heat them up. If that seems like a lot of honey for you, feel free to cut back a little bit on that one cup. I'm from Kansas City so the type of barbecue sauce I use is a big thing. Just pick out whatever your favorite barbecue sauce is and use that. After you have cooked the wings on either side, bring them in and throw this sauce on them and mix it up.

Honey (one cup)
Barbecue sauce (half cup)
Apple juice (three tablespoons)

Getting the crispy skin

I like my wings to have a slightly crispy skin. So after you've smoked them on either side and put the sauce on them, I like to throw them back on the grill over more direct heat for a few minutes to get that crispy skin. Watch them carefully because they can burn quickly.

2015 Shared Recipes from The Phinsider readers

Last year, we had some readers share their recipes, so we bring those to you as well:

DaytonaJim00:I make a similar. Same rub as above. Half in the oven, finish em off on the grill. Only difference is the sauce:

1 cup Honey
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup hot sauce

Detroit Style Honey Hot Wings.

Darryl Dunphy: I smoked 160 pounds of wings to give away at the bar today.

My recipe is a bit different. I brine them 24 hours. I also use the whole wing as I think they stay much more moist after smoking. The Brine helps. I use different woods for different protiens. Oak or mesquite for beef, apple for pork. Pecan for chicken. Anyway. I smoke them hot. About 250 for an hour. We let them cool on sheet racks and today to finish we will put them in the fryer for about 1 minute. No Sauce needed. we sprinkle them with a mix of cumin smoked paprika, Kosher salt,brown sugar, ancho chilli powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and a bit of ground star anise. Wonderful. A bit tough to do at home. The customers will be stoked. We are doing Andouiile sausage corn dogs as well as the regular menu.

A couple of drinks. we are doing.
For Pat fans..The A cup. well vodka with flat tonic and a dried lime.
The Beastmode. This is Patron Silver, blue curacao, Agave syrup, mint, Green Chartreuse, and soda (we took this from a Seattle Bartender)
Dark and Stormy. Gosslings rum with Gosslings ginger beer,lime

Now it's up to you. Put your best Super Bowl recipes in the comments!