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Super Bowl 50 predictions: Panthers vs. Broncos final score picks from readers

Super Bowl 50 kicks off in two days. What will be the final score? We let you predict.

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For our final score and immediate reaction to the Broncos win in Super Bowl 50, click here.

Who is going to win Super Bowl 50? We will let you decide.

This game will feature the top defense in the league from this year trying to slow down the likely league MVP. It will feature a future Hall of Fame quarterback looking for his second Super Bowl ring against a franchise looking for their first championship.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who should be officially named the league MVP for the year on Saturday, has been tearing up teams with his arm and his legs all season, and the Denver Broncos, despite having Von Miller and Demarcus Ware coming off the edge, could have problems trying to slow down the 6-foot-5, 245 pound quarterback.

Denver's Peyton Manning, closing in on the end of his career, may no longer have the ability to win a shoot-out against the Panthers, but he is still Peyton Manning, and he can find a way to keep the Broncos in the game. Denver is going to run the ball more than previous Manning led offenses, Then, they need their defense to step up and help the offense.

What will be the final score? As a Dolphins blog, there really is not a need to root for or against either team. I would like to see Manning win one final ring before he retires (assuming this really is his last rodeo), but I think the Panthers could win this game. I guess I will give Manning the benefit of the doubt one-more-time and say the Broncos win 28-21.

What is your final score?