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Miami Dolphins 2015 Best of The Best Highlight Reel

In a year where a lot went wrong, Miami had a few bright spots. Let's reminisce on them.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Year: The H-Town Beatdown

Miami had never beat Houston prior to this season. After breaking offensive record after record, I'd say they ended the streak in a big way.

Run Of the Year:

Gold Medal - Lamar Miller's Slash and Dash on MNF

Maybe it was the awesome jerseys but Miller's ability to cut on a dime, find the hole and explode down the field earns him top honors here.

Silver Medal - Lamar Miller's 85 Yard Explosion.

In Miami's biggest beatdown of the year, Miller had his best game of the year versus Houston. He made the safety look downright silly here.

Bronze Medal - Juice Gets Loose.

Jarvis just doing Jarvis things, refusing to be denied.

Catch of the Year:

Gold Medal - Jarvis's One Hand Snag

Landry's insane one-handed grab was good enough to earn him #1 on NFL's Best Catch  of 2015 Honors

Silver Medal - Parker's Juggling Act

The rookie's big play helped upset the Patriots in Week 17.

Bronze Medal - Mathews gets the tip drill

#18 uses some serious concentration to grab the tipped ball on a full sprint.

Throw of the Year:

Gold Medal - Parker's First TD

Tannehill delivers a laser, probably the best ball we've ever seen from him. Parker goes up and gets it. This was one of the best catches of the year for Miami, but I'll give the credit to Tannehill here.

Silver Medal - Dropping it in for Stills

Stills caught a few nice sideline grabs on the year, but none as pretty as this one.

Bronze Medal - Threading the Needle to Cameron

Tannehill makes an excellent play to roll out of the pocket and thread the needle between two guys to put 6 on the board before halftime.

Tackle of the Year:

Gold Medal - McCain bear hugs Bradford

Chris McCain provides just one of the hits that put Sam Bradford out of commission.

Silver Medal - Wake destroys Mariota, forces fumble

Mariota had a good year, but he doesn't want to play Miami again.

Bronze Medal - Reshad Jones MULTIPLE HITS

Jones had huge backfield hits against Washington, Jacksonville, and Indy.

Interception of the Year:

Gold Medal - McCain's Insane Grab

No matter how many times you watch it, it's still hard to imagine Brice comes down with this.

Silver Medal - Jones picks off Sanchez for the win

Our Defensive MVP just making yet another big play when the team needed it.

Bronze Medal - Grimes Diving INT

Grimes plays this ball the whole way, diving in front of a much larger Delanie Walker with better position.

Offensive Play of the Year:

Jarvis the YAC Monster Terrorizes Texans Defense

Defensive Play of The Year:

Shelby Makes a name for himself, adds another pick 6 to Schaub's resume

Special Teams Play of the Year:

Jarvis starts the season the right way

Offensive Player of the Year:

Jarvis Freaking Landry

Defensive Player of the Year:

Reshad Jones, the BEAST

Enjoy some of the bright spots for the season, and let me know if I missed any plays that should have made the cut.