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Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part 1: 'We'll fight y'all on Tiger Mountain!'

The guys at Bad Lip Reading are back with part one of the 2016 NFL season. Check it out.

Hysterical. That is what we have all gotten used to seeing whenever the guys over at Bad Lip Reading release a new video, especially when it comes to their NFL series of posts. On Tuesday, they released their latest NFL Bad Lip Reading post, "NFL 2016: Part One" and it does a great job of once again reading the lips of players and coaches throughout the year.

There's Aaron Rodgers turning in a circle. There's Kirk Cousins telling you where he is going to throw the ball. Dan Quinn is the waffle guy, Adrian Peterson is going to play Bingo at midnight on New Year's Eve, and Tom Brady has figured out where Disney World is. Drew Brees makes awesome farm animal sounds.

And the Miami Dolphins are apparently going to fight everyone on Tiger Mountain.

Watch the video above. It will leave you wishing Part Two was ready.

Long live Wu-Tang.