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Miami Dolphins 2016 schedule: Super Bowl odds from favorite to long shot will oppose Miami

The Miami Dolphins will face the Super Bowl favorites and the team with the longest odds for Super Bowl LI in 2016.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have slid down to facing 66-1 odds to win Super Bowl LI in February 2017. We took a look at the full slate of odds for across the NFL, and we have also taken a look at how the league standings worked out based on the Super Bowl odds. Today, we take a look at the Dolphins' 2016 opponents' odds for wining the Super Bowl.

Miami spans the entire listing of Super Bowl LI odds, facing the favorite New England Patriots twice in the annual AFC East home-and-home series. The Dolphins will also be facing the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers, who are tied for the second best Super Bowl LI odds at 10-1, with the Seahawks game in Seattle and the Pittsburgh contest in Miami. The Dolphins also face the eighth and 10th best team, according to the odds, with a home game against the Arizona Cardinals (16-1) and an away game against the Cincinnati Bengals (22-1). The Baltimore Ravens, an away game for Miami, will pit the team against a 33-1 odds franchise.

The 2016 opponents list for the Dolphins then falls into the jumble of teams in the middle of the pack, with the two Buffalo Bills and New York Jets games, both of whom are 40-1 to win the Super Bowl, as well as a home games against the San Francisco 49ers and away games against the Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers, all of whom are sitting at 50-1 odds.

The final two opponents on the odds list for Miami has them facing the Tennessee Titans, who are 66-1 for Super Bowl LI, and the Cleveland Browns, who face the longest odds for wining the Super Bowl at 150-1.

Here is the home-and-away schedule for Miami, with the odds for each team listed.


Bills - 40-1
Jets - 40-1
Patriots - 7-1
Browns - 150-1
Steelers - 10-1
49ers - 50-1
Cardinals - 16-1
Titans - 66-1


Bills - 40-1
Jets - 40-1
Patriots - 7-1
Bengals - 22-1
Ravens - 33-1
Rams - 50-1
Seahawks - 10-1
Chargers - 50-1