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Steve Smith not happy with Dolphins complaints

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I attended the game in Baltimore. As a broke college kid, I spent around 83 dollars for nosebleed tickets followed by a 60 dollar parking pass about a mile away from the stadium. I don’t get to see the Dolphins a lot, but when I do I look forward to it all week. The anticipation of this game has been like no other. It was the first time in years that Miami was playing a meaningful game in December.

Sunday was a painful experience for me. I drove about two hours to witness a team that was on a 6 game win streak play like the Cleveland Browns. I didn’t expect the team to come out victorious, but I predicted a close game.

Following the crushing loss, a couple of Dolphin players had nothing but negative things to say about the condition of the field.

The grass was terrible,” said Dolphins defensive end Andre Branch. “We knew that coming into the game. It's no excuse at all. But that's the atmosphere we played in. Those were the elements we had to work with. They played on the same surface as we did.”

Steve Smith Sr. was asked about the Dolphins comments following the loss and he was not afraid to shy away from his true feelings. He was clearly sick and tired about the remarks made about the field.

“You keep asking me, so it sounds like Miami was complaining about it.” Smith said. “You want to know what the players think on the Ravens? Since Miami got their (butt) whooped, of course they’re going to complain about it, but it looked pretty good for us.”