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Dolphins at Ravens final score and immediate reactions

The game is over. How did we react to the Dolphins at Ravens game?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar has moved to December, and the NFL schedule takes on more weight as teams try to ensure they are in the Playoff picture. For the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens, the playoff picture has both of them in it heading into today's matchup. It probably will not have one - at least realistically - with this outcome.

The Dolphins were outplayed throughout the first half of this game, and it did not get much better in the second half. Baltimore came out on fire, and Miami looked like a dumpster fire. The defense had no answers to the passing attack of Joe Flacco, and the Ravens just did whatever they wanted all game long.

So long winning streak. It was a fun six games.

Every week, during the Dolphins’ game, I keep a running tally of my thoughts and reactions to the game, providing for immediate reactions to everything that happens during the game. I break up those reactions into the first- and second-halves, followed by some overall thoughts from the game. You can find all of that below.

Final Score

Dolphins 6 - Ravens 38

First Half Reactions

  • Ravens getting the ball first.
  • Joe Flacco looks sharp early. Dolphins defense needs to tighten up a little here.
  • Mike Wallace picks up 12 yards from Flacco. Gets up pumped.
  • This is just bad. Another 15 yards and the Ravens have first and goal from the 3.
  • And no one bothers to guard Terrance West.
  • Touchdown. Ravens. Flacco to West for 3 yards. BAL 7-0.
  • Ryan Tannehill to Dion Sims for 15 yards. Expect to see more from the tight end today as the Dolphins likely move some of DeVante Parker’s targets around.
  • Jay Ajayi getting started early today. A 19 yard gain after a 5 yard gain. Miami seems to like playing against top ranked rushing defenses.
  • Dolphins offense stalls. 46-yard field goal attempt from Andrew Franks. No good. Missed wide left.
  • Holding backs up the Ravens. Now 2nd-and-15.
  • Incomplete. 3rd-and-15.
  • Ravens pick up 14 on pass from Flacco to Dennis Pitta. Punt coming.
  • Or not. Ravens go for it on 4th and 1, pick up 10 on a run.
  • 20 yard pass from Flacco to Kamar Aiken.
  • Touchdown. Ravens. 13 yard pass from Flacco to Pitta. BAL 14-0.
  • Dolphins have to figure something out right now.
  • Ajayi 6 yards.
  • Ajayi 0 yards.
  • Tannehill to Damien Williams for 6 yards. First down.
  • Tannehill to Kenny Stills 12 yards. First down.
  • Tannehill to Landry. No gain. Penalty on Ravens for taunting. First down.
  • Ajayi for 6 yards.
  • Tannehill deep to Parker! Nope. Interception. Webb came across the field and managed to pick it off. Good pass, better defense.
  • Pick! Flacco throws the ball to Byron Maxwell on the next play.
  • Tannehill to Damien Jones for 7 yards.
  • Penalty on Parker for false start.
  • Ajayi -4 yards.
  • Tannehill to Williams for two yards. On 3rd-and-12. Nothing happening for this offense at this point.
  • Punt.
  • Dolphins force the Ravens into a 3rd-and-5. But, of course, they manage to catch an acrobatic, batting pass and convert.
  • Steve Smith called for illegal hands to the face on Byron Maxwell. Just shoving Maxwell’s facemask around.
  • The Ravens are picking on Tony Lippett so far today.
  • Lippett on Wallace and Flacco immediately hits him for 16 yards.
  • And now Lippett is hurt. Tackled Steve Smith and seemed to get rolled up/land on his head. Not sure.
  • Michael Thomas sliding to cornerback to replace Lippett.
  • 4th-and-2. Ravens going for it. Smith picks up the first down with an 8 yard catch.
  • Seriously, Dolphins just cannot stop anything the Ravens want to do.
  • Touchdown. Ravens. Flacco to Pitta for 9 yards. BAL 21-0.
  • The Dolphins just have no answers at this point. Baltimore is doing whatever they want.
  • Tannehill to Parker for 17 yards.
  • Tannehill sacked. Fumbled the snap. -8 yards.
  • Tannehill to Landry for 11 yards. It, of course, was 3rd-and-18.
  • Punt.
  • Ravens get the ball with 59 seconds left. They are going to try to score points. Just watch.
  • Dixon 17 yards.
  • Flacco to Dixon for 3.
  • Flacco to Pitta for 9.
  • Flacco to Dixon for 3.
  • Flacco to Wallace for 16.
  • Field Goal. Ravens. 55 yards Jason Tucker. BAL 24-0.
  • Halftime.

Second Half Reactions

  • Dolphins getting the ball to start the second half.
  • Miami actually moving the ball to start this half. 9 yards from Ajayi, then 26 yards Tannehill to Landry.
  • Tannehill to Sims for 22 yards and into the red zone.
  • Ajayi for 14 yards and Miami set at the Baltimore 5 yard line.
  • Nope. Holding on Tunsil. 1st and 20 at the 29 yard line.
  • Bad pass from Tannehill. Tipped and picked off by Eric Weddle.
  • Dolphins defense actually forces a three-and-out. Ravens punting.
  • And it's a 16 -yard punt!
  • Tannehill to Landry for 9.
  • Tannehill takes a really bad sack. Naked bootleg and he just ate the ball. Have to find a way to get rid of it there.
  • 3rd-and-18. Incomplete. 16 yard punt leads to Miami punting the ball back. Nothing is working today.
  • Oh, and hey, look at that. Baltimore immediately moving the ball again. Why not?
  • Flacco to Pitts for 25 yards.
  • West picks up 6 yards twice.
  • Flacco to Wallace for 5 yards.
  • Oh, wait, another Ravens punt. Wow. That's twice now.
  • Tannehill to Landry for 7.
  • Ajayi for 10.
  • Ajayi for 2. Facemask on Tunsil. -15 yards.
  • Tannehill to Parker for 9.
  • Incomplete on 3rd and 13. Punt time again.
  • 4th quarter.
  • Flacco to Wallace for -9 yards? Not sure what happened there.
  • FUMBLE! Flacco to Pitta for 7 yards. Isa Abdul-Quddus forced the fumble! And Miami recovers!
  • TOUCHDOWN!!!! (FINALLY!!!!) MIAMI. TANNEHILL TO PARKER FOR 8 YARDS. 2-point conversion fails. BAL 24-6
  • Why not. 4 plays, including:
  • Touchdown. Ravens. Flacco to Breshad Perriman for 53 yards. BAL 31-6.
  • At least Miami gets a chance to try out their 3rd-and-32 play calls.
  • 1-yard from Damien Williams. Yep. That seems like the right call on 3rd-and-32.
  • Punt time.
  • The Ravens pull Flacco. Good for them. He's only stunk up the place to a tune of 36-for-47 for 381 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, and a 119.2 passer rating. #IsThatGood?
  • Ryan Mallett comes on and picks up 5 yards on first throw. Steve Smith with the reception.
  • West for 2 yards.
  • Incomplete.
  • Ravens punt.
  • Okay, Miami has gotten Flacco out of the game. They have the Ravens right where they want them. Here comes the magic. No?
  • Tannehill to Kenyan Drake for 4 yards.
  • Tannehill to Landry for 13 yards.
  • Tannehill incomplete to Jakeem Grant. And Landry.
  • Interception. Tannehill threw into tripe converage and it is picked off. That's the third interception of Tannehill today. This has been a really bad game for him.
  • Dixon for 17 yards. Miami cannot stop the Ravens on the ground or the air today.
  • West for 15 yards.
  • Touchdown. Ravens. West for 9 yards. BAL 38-6.
  • 3-and-out. Miami punts. Feel like they are just trying to see how many kicks it takes in a season for Matt Darr's leg to fall off.
  • Ravens kill the clock.

Final Immediate Reactions

The first half of this game was nothing but ugly. The Dolphins could not move the ball on offense and could not stop the Ravens on defense. The only good part of the game was the Byron Maxwell interception, and that was mostly because Mike Wallace did his best Mike Wallace impersonation and just did not make an attempt on the ball.

The Dolphins were beaten down by the Ravens today, and there is no other way to describe it. This is not the end of the world for the Dolphins, no matter how badly this game went for them, given this team was expected to be a 4-6 win team, and they are still sitting at 7-5 on the season. There is no denying, however, this was embarrassing and it hurts. They have to do better. Ryan Tannehill made bad decisions on the day. The defense was carved open and dissected by Joe Flacco. There was not a lot of anything happening for Miami, and they now have to get back to work and figure out why Baltimore had this kind of success against them.