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Dolphins at Ravens winner predictions - Fan vote

The Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens face off this afternoon. Who will win?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens will face off in a Week 13 contest that could go a long way toward deciding the Playoff future for both clubs. A win here should see the chances dramatically increase for either team, while a loss does not kill the chances to see the postseason, but it can just about put them on life-support.

How will the game unfold? What will be the final score? We are asking for your input.

Below you will find a score-prediction widget. You can enter your prediction for how the game will end. Across SB Nation, this widget allows readers from all the NFL sites to predict the final score of the game for their team. Then, it compares how far from the actual final everyone for each SB Nation site was, and ranks the NFL sites against each other.

Have fun and enter your score below.