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NFL Playoff picture: Final three AFC playoff positions clinched

The Miami Dolphins are headed to the post season!

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images

Three of the AFC’s six playoff spots were still unclaimed heading into Sunday. At the end of the night, all three had been filled. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphins all locked up trips to the postseason following a Steelers win over the Baltimore Ravens and a Chiefs win over the Denver Broncos. Miami beat the Buffalo Bills on Saturday to set up a clinching scenario of needing a Broncos loss.

Week 17 is still needed in the conference to sort out the seeding, to include the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders both trying to clinch the top seed as well as Kansas City trying to catch Oakland for the AFC West title. The Dolphins, who host the Patriots next week, could consider resting their starters and injured players, though the team could also move to the fifth seed if they were to win against New England and the Chiefs were to lose.

The full AFC playoff picture through Week 16 is below:

AFC Playoff Picture (through Week 16)

1. New England Patriots (13-2) - AFC East champions; First-round bye clinched

2. Oakland Raiders (12-3) - AFC West leader; Playoff berth clinched

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5) - AFC North champions

4. Houston Texans (9-6) - AFC South champions

5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) - Wildcard 1; Playoff berth clinched

6. Miami Dolphins (10-5) - Wildcard 2; Playoff berth clinched

In the hunt:



Baltimore Ravens (8-7)

Denver Broncos (8-7)

Tennessee Titans (8-7)

Indianapolis Colts (7-8)

Buffalo Bills (7-8)

Cincinnati Bengals (5-9-1)

San Diego Chargers (5-10)

New York Jets (4-11)

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-12)

Cleveland Browns (1-14)