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Dolphins at Bills sideline scuffle: Jerry Hughes appears to headbutt Darren Rizzi

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Late in the fourth quarter, Miami Dolphins kick returner Jakeem Grant broke a return out to the 41-yard line after the Buffalo Bills kicked off following a field goal. The game was getting tight as the Bills slowly chipped away at Miami lead, with the Dan Carpenter field goal closing Buffalo to within four points at 28 to 24. Then Carpenter, a former Dolphins player, apparently decided to have an attitude on the sideline after hitting Grant to knock him out of bounds.

Grant went sprawling into the Miami sideline and Carpenter immediately sprinted to him to stand over him. Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake was not having any of Carpenter’s showboating, and a scuffle immediately broke out with several Bills players running to Miami’s sideline.

The scuffle continued to grow as Dolphins and Bills players started shoving each other while coaches tried to separate the teams. As it continued to escalate, a coach in an orange hat - the signature of special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi - comes in from the camera’s left and appears to try to prevent Bills sfatey Corey Graham from joining the melee. Graham moves to his left and Rizzi follows, trying to stay between the safety and the rest of the pack.

And then Jerry Hughes decides he needs to get involved with Rizzi. As Rizzi is attempting to yell at players to get them to back up, it appears Hughes headbutts the Dolphins coach. Rizzi steps back and looks at him confused for a second before trying to again separate players and appearing to say something to the refs.

Here is the entire play:

And, here is a closer look at Hughes appearing to headbutt Rizzi:

According to media reports after the game, Rizzi, who does not meet with the media after games, laughed when asked about the incident as Rizzi was leaving the team’s locker room.

The Dolphins beat the Bills 34-31 in overtime to sweep the season series with their AFC East rivals.

(Also, credit Palm Beach Post reporter Jason Lieser for asking for the videos/GIFs from fans on Twitter.)