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Dolphins or Bills: Who do the experts pick in Week 16?

Looks like a Miami win would be an upset this week.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have won eight of their last nine games, moving them from a 1-4 record to start the season to a 9-5 mark with two games left to play. This run has also moved Miami into a position where, not only are they in playoff contention, but they actually could, with a little help, clinch their first berth in the postseason tournament since 2008 this weekend. The national media, however, does not seem to realize the Dolphins are doing something special in South Florida.

Tomorrow, we will update The Phinsider contributors picks for this week’s games, but today, we take a look at how the media is predicting the Dolphins at Buffalo Bills game to end.

At SB Nation, there is not a lot of love for the Dolphins. Buffalo is selected to win by five of the eight on the panel, with just three seeing Miami earn the win.

CBS Sports’ eight-person panel is evenly split, with each team picking up four of the selections.

Over at ESPN, the selections fall slightly in Buffalo’s favor, 5-4.

Fox Sports was much more decisive in their selections. Of the five picks made, only one went to the Dolphins, with everyone else liking Buffalo’s chances to even the season series between the two clubs.

Each week, we also take a look at the database. They put together a running tally of all the picks from around the web each week, tracking all of the different selections made. As of this publication, they have 95 picks in the database, and 70 percent of those have the Bills winning on Saturday.

If the picks are right, things are not looking good for the Dolphins in Week 16.

Since this week’s primary playoff clinching scenario for the Dolphins involves them winning and the Denver Broncos losing, a quick look through each of the sites has the Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs game selections looking like:

  • SB Nation - 7-of-8 Chiefs win
  • CBS Sports - 7-of-8 Chiefs win
  • ESPN - 8-of-9 Chiefs win
  • Fox Sports - 5-of-5 Chiefs win
  • NFL pick Watch - 88% Chiefs win

Each week, we also give you a chance to make your own prediction in how the game will unfold. Below, you will find out community prediction widget, where you can enter the final score of the game as you see it. Feel free to discuss your picks in the comments below, as well.