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Pro Football Focus puts four Dolphins players on their Pro Bowl picks list

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL will announce their 2016 Pro Bowl rosters on Tuesday, recognizing the all-stars for the season - and beginning the long period of replacements being named for the players who are injured, are “injured,” or are heading to the Super Bowl. The players are selected by fan, player, and coach votes, with each group accounting for one-third of the decision.

While the league is waiting until Tuesday, last week Pro Football Focus announced their own version of the Pro Bowl selections. They stuck to the league’s listing of players and the positions they played, and they used the stats - and grades - through Week 14 of the season to come up with the fully list. They also stuck with the NFL’s planned return to the AFC versus NFC format for the game this year.

PFF selected 43 players for the AFC, with four of those players being Miami Dolphins players. On the offensive side of the ball, PFF selected running back Jay Ajayi. About the selection, they wrote, “the Dolphins’ season turned around when they started handing the ball to Jay Ajayi and let him carry the offense.”

Miami had two players from the defense land on the listing, starting with defensive end Cameron Wake. PFF explained, “Cameron Wake showed he is still far from done after his Achilles injury.” Along side Wake, PFF has defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. They write, “Ndamukong Suh has put together his second consecutive excellent season for Miami, grading well against both the run and pass.”

The final Dolphins player to make PFF’s Pro Bowl roster is special teams player and reserve safety Michael Thomas. PFF writes, “With 11 special-teams tackles to his name, no team in the league has received more from a consistent special-teams performer than Miami has from Michael Thomas.”

Will these four players make the actual Pro Bowl roster? Will the Dolphins get anyone else into the all-star game?