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Bryce Petty x-rays negative after Wake-Suh sandwhich

The Jets offensive line forgot about blocking.

The New York Jets called a play out of the Adam Sandler movie The Longest Yard. You know the one where the offensive line is “sending a message” to Sandler’s character, so they do not block anyone and let him get crushed by the pass rush? Yeah, that one. In this case, the Jets offensive line did not bother to block Ndamukong Suh or Cameron Wake, allowing them to get free, full-speed runs at quarterback Bryce Petty, and it did not end well for Petty.

To be fair, it does look like the snap came earlier than anyone expected, with the offenisive line and the receivers all delayed in getting off on the snap. But, whatever the cause, no one on the offensive line even looked like they were trying to block either of Miami’s Pro Bowl defensive linemen, and Petty took the brunt of the mistake.

The good news is, after the game, Jets head coach Todd Bowles said the initial x-rays came back negative on Petty. The quarterback will undergo more tests on Sunday, but at least the initial tests seem to indicate the injury is not as serious as it could have been. In a sport centered around violence, even when it comes to your hated division rival, serious injuries are not something you ever want to see.