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Dolphins at Jets final score and immediate reactions

A running list of reactions from throughout the Dolphins at Jets Saturday night game.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets end their 2016 home-and-home series with a Saturday night nationally televised game. Miami is looking to sweep the Jets in the series for the first time since 2009, reinforcing their Week 9 victory over their division rivals.

The first half featured Matt Moore getting his first start at quarterback for the Dolphins since 2011, and he looked rusty early. But, he worked his way through it and picked up two touchdown passes in the half. Defensive end Cameron Wake recorded a sack, forced fumble, and his first career interception in the half, as well.

The second half may have been even better for the Dolphins than the first 30 minutes. The Dolphins extended their lead with a blocked punt touchdown and multiple long passes.

Every week, during the Dolphins’ game, I keep a running tally of my thoughts and reactions to the game, providing for immediate reactions to everything that happens during the game. I break up those reactions into the first- and second-halves, followed by some overall thoughts from the game. You can find all of that below.

Final Score

Dolphins 34 - Jets 13

First Half

  • Dolphins win toss. Defer to second half, so Jets starting with the ball first.
  • Cameron Wake with the pressure on Bryce Petty on first down. Need that all night.
  • Petty to Bilal Powell for 22 yards.
  • Powell for 4 yards.
  • Andre Branch called for the neutral zone infraction. 5 free yards.
  • Powell for 5 yards.
  • Touchdown. Jets. Petty to Robby Anderson for 40-yards. NYJ 7-0.
  • Dolphins starting in a hole after Jakeem Grant runs sideways across the field and cannot get running space.
  • Jay Ajayi picks up 5 yards. Needs 39 more for 1,000 on the year.
  • Matt Moore, making his first start since 2011, to MarQueis Gray for 7 yards. First down.
  • Ajayi -1. 40 yards.
  • Ajayi 1. 39 yards.
  • Moore incomplete to Jarvis Landry. Dolphins punting.
  • Petty to Powell for 18 yards.
  • Low snap to Petty. Scoops it and just tries to run up the middle. Ndamukong Suh waiting.
  • Petty finds Brandon Marshall for 16 yards. Interesting that Byron Maxwell is not in the game. Dolphins in zone here. Xavien HOward is getting his first snaps since Week 4.
  • Suh neutral zone infractions. 5 free yards.
  • Petty to Powell for -1 yard. Suh breaks through to stop the play.
  • Powell 2 yards. Suh chases down the play to make the tackle. He is a force right now.
  • SACK! Cameron Wake completely unblocked and crushes Petty. Fumble. Suh recovers! #SacksOnTheBeach.
  • Dolphins go three-and-out. Punt.
  • Xavien Howard is going to be getting more snaps that expected tonight. Maxwell is questionable to return with an ankle injury. Just went to the locker room.
  • Dolphins defensive line getting into this game now. Suh and Wake are creating pressure on nearly every snap.
  • Illegal use of hands negates a Marshall reception and gives Miami back those free 10 yards.
  • Jordan Phillips reads the screen and gets over to Powell for a 5 yard loss.
  • 3-and-out for Jets. Punt.
  • Ajayi for no gain. Has 8 yards so far. Needs 36.
  • End of first quarter.
  • Ajayi for 4. 32 yards.
  • Moore finds DeVante Parker for a first-down. Nice 17 yards.
  • Moore finds Jarvis Landry for a first down. Nice 11 yards.
  • Moore finds MarQueis Gray for a first down. Nice 19 yards. First and goal from the one.
  • Moore trips as he hands the ball to Damien Williams. No gain.
  • Ajayi slams into a wall. No gain.
  • 3rd-and-goal. Moore rolls right. Looked like he wanted to run. Finds Dion Sims. Called incomplete. That knee was down. Challenge flag coming.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Moore to Sims for 1 yard. Andrew Franks misses the extra point; hit the left upright. NYJ 7-6.
  • Powell picks up 9 yards.
  • Powell for 4 yards.
  • Petty to Powell for 8 yards.
  • Petty to Quincy Enunwa for 27 yards. Howard missed the tackle and Andre Branch had to chase the play down from behind as Enunwa cut back across the field. Probably saved a touchdown.
  • PICK! Cameron Wake with his first career interception!
  • Dolphins 3-and-out. Punt.
  • Powell for 12 yards.
  • Jordan Phillips called for the neutral zone infraction. Another free 5 yards. Miami keeps jumping the hard count.
  • Good pass breakup by Xavien Howard. Step-for-step with Brandon Marshall deep down the field.
  • Sack! Isa Abdul-Quddus with the blitz and gets to Petty.
  • Petty to Powell for 7 yards. First down.
  • Dolphins challenege the spot. Adam Gase 2-for-2 on challenges tonight. Ball was placed an entire yard too far. Brings up 4th-and-1.
  • Jets going for it. NOPE! Kiko Alonso blows up the run in the backfield. Miami gets the ball back.
  • Ajayi for 5.
  • Ajayi for 1.
  • False start on Kenny Stills. Free 5 yards.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Moore to Stills for 52 yards. MIA 13-7.
  • That’s one way to make up for the false start.
  • Petty comes out throwing. Picks up 10 yards then 11 yards.
  • Then 13 yards.
  • Two incompletes, then 16 yards on 3rd down.
  • 8 yards. Petty has a good drive here.
  • Field goal. Nick Folk for 48 yards. MIA 13-10.
  • Moore to Parker. Incomplete. Pass interference. Dolphins pick up 22 yards.
  • Moore called for intentional grounding. Dolphins do not use a timeout to stop the 10 second run-off.
  • End of half.

Second Half

  • Dolphins get the ball to start the second half.
  • Ajayi picks up 6 yards. Fumbles. Miami recovers.
  • Ajayi for 6. 13 yards to 1,000.
  • Ajayi for 4. 9 yards to 1,000.
  • Pick. Moore looks deep for Parker. Underthrown. Juston Burris with the interception.
  • Powell picks up 13 yards. Miami has no answer for him in this game.
  • Petty gets pressured and dumps it to Powell for a seven yard loss.
  • Petty to Powell for 5.
  • Incomplete and the Jets will punt.
  • PICK! Tony Lippett makes a play like a receiver and comes away with the turnover.
  • Moore finds Landry short, and it turns into a 31 yards gain.
  • Moore to Dion Sims for 28 yards. Sims was fighting to try to the the 1 more yard to score. Just could not get there.
  • Damien Williams no gain.
  • Ajayi no gain.
  • TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Moore to Sims for 1 yard. MIA 27-10.
  • Jets three-and-out.
  • TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Moore to Landry for 66 yards! MIA 34-10.
  • Jets three-and-out.
  • Ajayi -6 yards.
  • Ajayi 8 yards.
  • False start on Branden Albert. 5 free yards.
  • Moore sacked. Ate the ball rather than trying to force something.
  • Punt.
  • Powell picks up 9.
  • Powell 2.
  • SACK! Neville Hewitt with the blitz and gets to Petty.
  • End third quarter.
  • Petty completes the 14 yard pass to Enunwa. Suh and Wake were unblocked on the play, and crush Petty in a combination hit. Petty leaves and Ryan Fitzpatrick is in.
  • Jets go for it on 4th-and-2 at the Miami 5. No gain. Turnover on downs.
  • Ajayi 2 yards.
  • Ajay 5 yards.
  • Ajayi 16 yards. Illegal shift. Replay.
  • Ajayi 7 yards. Comes up just short of the first down. Miami punt.
  • Forte picks up 2.
  • Fitzptrick to Forte for 7.
  • Forte for 8.
  • Fitzpatrick to Enunwa for 9 yards.
  • Forte for 5 yards. Dolphins defense allowing too many yards.
  • Forte for 6 yards.
  • Incomplete on 3rd-and-4.
  • Field Goal. Folk for 36 yards. MIA 34-13.
  • Kenyan Drake for 1.
  • Drake for 1.
  • Drake for 16.
  • Drake -3.
  • Dolphins clearly looking to run the clock. Drake did a good job on the 16 yard carry of just going down at the end to make sure he stayed in bounds.
  • Drake no gain. Looked like he should have been stopped in the backfield, but somehow cut back to the line of scrimmage.
  • Damien Williams carries for no gain after the 2-minute warning. Dolphins run the clock all the way down and call timeout. Punting with 1:14 left.
  • Abdul-Quddus called for unnecessary roughness again. Tried to pull up on a hit on Brandon Marshall on an incomplete pass, but the flags still came out.
  • Fitzpatrick to Powell on the screen for 13 yards.
  • Fitzpatrick for 3 yards.
  • Incomplete.
  • PICK! Tony Lippett with interception number two. Clock runs out.
  • End of game

Immediate Reactions

The Dolphins came out a little slow in this game, but found their rhythm pretty quickly. Matt Moore had a career day, setting a new career-high with four touchdown passes. Both Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi reached the 1,000-yard mark, Landry receiving and Ajayi rushing. Cameron Wake recorded his first career interception, along with a sack and a forced fumble. Ndamukong Suh had another great game as well, blowing up the middle of the line of scrimmage repeatedly.

Overall, this was a great game for Miami, picking up their ninth win of the year to clinch their first winning season since 2008, keep them in the Wildcard position, sweep the Jets in the season series, and win their eighth game in nine weeks. They did it with Moore making his first start since 2011, and they looked like a solid team throughout the contest.