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Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Jets: 3 Key Match-Ups...Phinsider Radio Invades MetLife Stadium Edition

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most important battles, individual and team-wide, at determining the outcome of this week’s game.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In his interview with Jets brass, Rico reminded everyone that he:

  • Can still throw the pigskin a quarter-mile
  • Would’ve easily won state if his coach didn’t take him out in the 4th quarter

The question becomes if he can pick up the playbook, as he ran a Tecmo Bowl offense back in 1982. The arm talent is there: he once launched a ball over Mount Kilimanjaro while wading in a hotel swimming pool.

I probably shouldn’t take this too far. We’re a Matt Moore injury away from signing Pat White from the Edmonton Eskimos.

Jason, do you have anything sarcastic you’d like to say to the folks at MetLife Stadium?

My guess is that Cannata, Houtz, and I will have a few lukewarm jabs to toss out to Gang Green Nation. And that’s before we start tailgating.

Jets suck.

3) Dolphins LB’s Vs. Jets TE’s and RB’s

Bryce Petty was 13-25 targeting his WR’s; he was 10-10 targeting TE’s and RB’s. I understand that check-downs are, by their very nature, a throw with higher success. But when the discrepancy is that bad, you have to take that into account for the game plan. He struggled to connect with WR’s on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

The LB unit has come into the forefront as one of the weakest units on the defense, but everyone knows they have a role to play with Tannehill being out. The LB’s bounced back last week, and I believe they continue that resiliency into Week 15, especially with the possible return of Kiko Alonso. (Mike Hull showed me something, but not sure how he fits in a WLB or SLB role). I’d like to see the safeties creeping up as well, playing near the hashes, and focusing on those short/intermediate routes.

Petty completed a 40 yard pass to Robby Anderson - the next longest completion was for 20 yards. Let’s be aggressive and force Petty to win a game outside of his comfort zone.

2) Dolphins DL Vs. Bryce Petty

Some interesting notes from Rich Cimini, ESPN’s staff writer for the New York Jets. I know it’s a tough sell to have you spend 3 minutes reading an article about the Jets. Maybe next time you have a big poop?

Basically, the article says Petty is better on the move. He performed admirably outside the pocket, but inside the pocket he was a whopping 19-31, 211 yards, an INT and 6 sacks. In the “Battle of the Back-Ups”, keeping Petty uncomfortable within the pocket and insecure with his progressions will go a long way in flipping field position and getting turnovers.

1) Dolphins OL Vs. Jets DL

Earlier in the year, we had an extra week to prepare for the New York Jets game. Now, we’re going into the Jets game with one less day to prepare (Saturday game) than we would in a standard week, all the while starting our back-up QB. A lot of our offensive success will depend on the big uglies up front: does Moore have time to go through 2-3 progressions? Can we establish a running game (and therefore, balance and play-action)?

The O/U on the game dropped from 41.5 to 37.5, which is a fairly substantial dip. The potential for a low-scoring, can’t-get-anything-going sort of game is definitely in the realm of possibilities. If the Jets DL disturbs the pocket and shuts down Ajayi, where will the offense come from? The path of least resistance for offensive success for Miami will be the play of Albert, Tunsil, Steen, Bushrod (hehe), and James. With them, Moore can get the ball down the field and Ajayi will do J-Train things. Without them, it could be a long game.

Look for the OL to put the team on its shoulders much like it did after the Tennessee game. Time for another win streak.

What key match-ups do you see Phinsider Nation? Let’s hear it in the Comments!