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Dolphins or Jets: Who do the experts pick in Week 15?

The Dolphins are favored in the odds, but are they favored straight up by the experts?

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have hovered between a two- and a three-point favorite over the AFC East rival New York Jets all week, despite Miami heading into this game with backup quarterback Matt Moore making his first start since 2011. This game, a Saturday night nationally televised game, will have the Dolphins looking to complete the season week over the Jets for the first time since 2009, a win that could prove to be the difference in whether or not the Dolphins make the 2016 Playoffs.

Tomorrow, we will post The Phinsider contributors’ picks for this week, but today, we take a look around the internet for how the experts out there predict this game to end.

Over at SB Nation, the eight-person panel is split on this game. Six of the eight sees Miami coming away with their second-straight victory and eighth in their last nine games, while two of the members predict the Jets to come away with the upset.

Last week, the eight-person panel at CBS Sports was seven-to-one against the Dolphins. This week, that same ratio shows up, but this time in favor of Miami over the Jets. At ESPN, the nine-person panel seems to give New York a little better chance, with three picks going to the Jets while six pick Miami. At Fox Sports, it was even closer, where the panel was three picks for Miami and two selections for the Jets.

Since there are dozens of individual picks from all around the internet, we also take a look at, where they compile a running database of picks from all over the web. As of this article, there are 88 picks in their database, with 82 percent of the picks being made for the Dolphins.

What is your prediction? You can tell us in the comments below, as well as input your final score in our weekly prediction widget, below.